Planning a bachelor party could be a very stressful time for the best man. This the moment when you are trying prove how well you know your brother or closest bud. Even more, you are given the responsibility of making the moment the most epic of the groom’s life. Regardless, this a pressure-cooker situation for the bachelor-party planner. But don’t fret, we are here to give you guidance and pitch you the best ideas to make this a life-changing moment.

A Whiskey Tasting

How to Plan Out a Bachelor Party That Will Be Everlasting

If you are toying with the idea of a destination bachelor party, then you should consider going to Kentucky or North Carolina. There are great golf courses everywhere but, more importantly, there’s a long line of amazing whiskey distilleries, such as Jim Beam and Jack Daniels. A whiskey tasting is a perfect bonding moment for the groom and friends.


How to Plan Out a Bachelor Party That Will Be Everlasting

Combat Archery in Edmonton is one of the best stag party venues that you will experience. It’s unique, group friendly and you could battle your best friends without repercussions. Combat Archery is a massive complex filled with enough space to make stag party come to life.  The indoor sport acts more like dodgeball with an array of different weapons from the foam-tipped arrows, swords, axes, and war hammers. There’s nothing like having a gauntlet between your friends — especially when the groom is about to exchange vows.

Rent a Beach House

How to Plan Out a Bachelor Party That Will Be Everlasting

Renting a beach house is actually the most effective thing you could do for the bachelor party weekend. If you’re planning a destination bachelor party, then this is going to be a much affordable route compared to booking a hotel — when you have 10-15 dudes chipping in it’s a logical choice. But you need to think about the location and anything by the water is so key. The environment alone will allow the group to plan a party at the house rather than spending at a bar. And you have the beach right there — killing two heads with one stone.

Pub Crawl

How to Plan Out a Bachelor Party That Will Be Everlasting

One of the more traditional bachelor party ideas is taking the groom out on to the best local bars in any location. In cities like Edmonton or New York, the bars are a way of life. The goal of any bachelor party is to get the groom so drunk that you have to carry him home. There are plenty of bars that offer luxuries such as billiards, arcade games, and craft beers. That alone will satisfy the bachelor and his cohorts.

Private Poker Game

How to Plan Out a Bachelor Party That Will Be Everlasting

When you are on a tight budget, arranging a private poker game is the way to go. Just think about it: a night of Texas Hold ’Em with a $20 buy-in with a couple cases of beer and steaks on the grill is a very ideal situation for any guy. The cost itself wouldn’t go beyond the $100 compared to the few hundred bucks you will spend on a destination bachelor party.

A Golf Outing

How to Plan Out a Bachelor Party That Will Be Everlasting

Smoking cigars, while you swing a golf club, is a perfect weekend for any guy. So naturally, it should be part of the bachelor party weekend. For example, Edmonton’s golf courses (specifically in Victoria and Riverside) are some of the most gorgeous golf courses in the country and will act as a serene setting for the bachelor on his last rodeo.


How to Plan Out a Bachelor Party That Will Be Everlasting

Many of us have skydiving as part of the “bucket” list. It’s an event that many are either too scared to try or want to try and the prices are staggering. This is the moment to break that trend because for $200 the bachelor will have an experience that will undeniably memorable. The bachelor party is about these high-end experiences so the price should never be an issue. Remember you only live once and your bachelor friend is taking a plunge so why not literally plunge out of a moving airplane?

Anything That Involves Steak

How to Plan Out a Bachelor Party That Will Be Everlasting

A bachelor party is traditionally a manly event and nothing is more manly than chomping on some medium-rare steaks. Even though alcohol is at the forefront, you can’t forget to eat. Taking a group of your closest friends in a limo to arrive a steakhouse would be near heaven for the bachelor. It’s even better when the guest of honor doesn’t normally engage in theses luxurious meals — it is quite pricey — and he will feel like a king with that tomahawk chop in his hand.

No matter which bachelor party idea you adopt you must trust your instincts and the budget you are given. Everything else falls perfectly into place.

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