Have you ever wondered if you have a future with the woman you’ve been dating? Is the relationship something serious, or is this just a fling to pass the time? Only time will tell for certain, but look out for these signs to see if your lady can go the distance.

1. The two of you have good communication

In any successful relationship, the ability for both parties to communicate effectively is paramount. This means not talking over each other, and listening what the other person has to say.

If you’re telling your girl a story, and she asks questions and doesn’t get distracted, it’s a good sign that she cares enough about you to want to hear what you have to say. What the two of you discuss can also be a clue if you’ve found Mrs. Right.

Do you conclude that the two of you never really make it past small talk, or do you speak about what you fear, what drives you, what motivates you? Being comfortable enough to have meaningful conversations with each other, where both parties are vulnerable, is a good sign she’s the real deal.

2. You don’t fight maliciously

All couples argue and disagree, and it can even be healthy at times. But examine how you two argue. Is it just cursing and name-calling, or does she work to resolve the issue at hand? If she’s arguing with you with the end goal being a mutual understanding, that shows she still has respect for your and your beliefs, even if they aren’t in line with hers.

The right girl won’t hold a grudge, and when the disagreement is over, it needs to stay over. Otherwise, she’s only keeping score of your past arguments and perceived wrongdoings.

3. You have similar attitudes and beliefs

The old saying of “opposite’s attract” is cute when you’re in elementary school, but the fact is that if you are super into fitness, and she is super into potato chips and television, you probably aren’t with the right person.

It applies to other aspects of lifestyles too. For instance, if she wants children and you don’t, that’s ok, but it also means you two probably had disagreements down the line.

4. She’s your cheerleader

Is your girl pumping you up before the big meetings, or boosting your confidence before that rec soccer match? If so, you may have snagged yourself a keeper.

The right girl shouldn’t be focused on what you’re doing so much, but rather if you’re doing whatever it is to the best of your ability. She doesn’t need to put you down, or “check your ego.” The right girl will be proud of you and your accomplishments, no matter how large or small they are.

5. She makes you a better person

The right girl for you doesn’t need just to accept you as you are but also needs to challenge you to be a better man. An example is if you’ve been saying to her you want to go back to grad school, and she tells you that it is an excellent idea to further your education.

If you say “hey I want to get back into shape” the right girl will step up and help you make those 6 AM yoga classes, or offer to go for a run with you after work.

6. You have great sex

Face it; sex is a vital part of any healthy adult relationship. It’s a key variable in any romantic relationship. Otherwise, you two are more like best friends than lovers.

Different people are into different things between the sheets, and it’s nothing to shame anyone over, but the truth is that if the sex isn’t fulfilling, that issue can quickly spread to other aspects of your relationship.

7. You are comfortable around her

I’m not talking about farting. Sure, feeling secure enough to let one rip in front of your lady means you’re comfortable, but being comfortable with someone means you allow them to see the real you.

That means the good side and the bad. The right girl will love you for who you are, flaws and imperfections included. The last thing you want is to be with someone who consistently makes you feel as though you can’t let your guard.

8. Your uncomfortable silences are not uncomfortable

You know that cliché scene out of a Subaru commercial, where the couple sits in silence and smiles as they drive some back road? That’s the type of silence referring to here.

You shouldn’t feel the need to fill the pauses in conversation with nonsensical bullshit continually. The right girl will be able to make you feel comfortable without small talk and will be able just to enjoy being in the moment with you.

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