So you’ve gotten yourself a pair of boots. You might be thinking that you’ll never get the chance to wear them because boots are usually associated with the chic hipster look, cowboys, and trailblazers. But boots don’t have to be limited to those stereotypes and a good pair of boots can easily become a man’s most reliable pair of footwear both at work and at play.

Since pictures of other attractive men wearing boots don’t really tell you everything about how you should wear your boots, we’ve listed out a couple of pointers for the next time you think about breaking out your feet huggers.

In sleeve worn boots (Image Credits: Pexels / Pixabay)

Function informs style

A good pair of boots completes an outfit in more ways than looking good. Good boots are designed to protect your feet better than other footwear depending on their specific purpose.

For example, your standard ankle-high leather boots keep water and dirt from entering your shoe, ensuring a comfortable footwear experience. Work boots take things a little further by making sure that your toes are protected from heavy equipment and potential injury in a workshop or industrial area. Western boots don’t have laces to make sure that they don’t get snagged out in the field, which could result in a serious injury.

Remember, no matter how stylish your boots, they’re useless if they fail at protecting your feet. Make sure you’re wearing the right boot for your environment that comfortably fits your feet.

Boots need a good pair of pants to work

A pair of pants that fits well is essential to rocking your new pair of boots both for style and function reasons. Your boots’ ability to protect your feet won’t matter if you’re continuously making outfit decisions that expose your boots’ opening. Make sure that the pants that you wear cover the openings of your boots.

Aside from the length of your pants’ leg, make sure that the your pants have the proper taper to accommodate your boots. A good boot cut pair of jeans won’t get in the way of any boot as long as they’re tailored well to your personal dimensions. The extra ankle coverage from boots also helps keep the cuff of your pants leg from catching onto the lip of your footwear, ensuring that your pants always look neat.

The last thing you want to do when wearing boots is ending up folding your leg cuffs. Folding your pants’ cuffs may seem like a good fashion trend but it exposes the opening in your boot, which allows dirt and water – the specific elements that boots are supposed to ward against – to easily get into your foot.

Work boots not worn properly. The exposed laces could easily get caught in machinery and the exposed openings are entry points for foreign objects that can hurt your feet (Image Credits: stevepb / Pixabay)

Good boots can match almost any occasion

Leather boots worn in the pants sleeves of a pair of slacks or dark-colored jeans work as great dress footwear and can even be worn to work. Work boots can easily pair with jeans for comfortable casual wear while a good pair of western boots are just as comfy out in the field as in an urban setting depending on the sole type you’ve chosen.

Barring any formal galas or black tie events, a good pair of boots worn properly are welcome to any occasion much like a good t-shirt. The right pants, color coordination, and your boots’ design go a long way to making your boots your go-to footwear anywhere you go.