We all know what piques the interest of men the most; shoes, watches, ties, and perfumes, isn’t that right? The first three usually depends on what you’d personally like looking the best on you, but when it comes to fragrances, you may get juggled up in your head trying to choose which one to buy or wear to the party or maybe an office or the wedding!

What we describe as “appealing to our senses” is just what this is hunt is about. In your chase for the perfect option, you no longer need to visit those high ends branded perfume retailer which is to no avail.

Instead, we have made the task a lot easier with this article! This exclusive assortment of particular scents that stand the test of time and continue to turn heads all over is just what you need. Be it sophisticated or bold, musky or fresh; we have it all in this collection of men’s best fragrances. So let’s get scenting!

1) Ferrari Black

The Ferrari Black has a magnetic aura that sticks to your nose buds and leaves a lasting scent. No wonder it qualifies among men’s best fragrances. Made dominantly from the element of rustic wood, Black brings about a sharp and masculine scent to the floor that will guarantee your position as the center of the crowd.

2) Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Ultimate

What we all commonly know known as YSL, is a top end brand that specializes in bringing to the market a great collection of odors that leave a lasting impact. Looking for a sharp, cutting-edge scent that doesn’t settle for hours long? Well, here it goes!

The audacious blend featured by this pick has the characteristics of sensuality as well as distinct modern and masculine scent.

3) Nautica Voyage

Looking for something towards the sporty side? The right pick awaits to suit your daring spirits. Eager to navigate precision and passion as I’m sure you must be, this scent will surely give you a good ride along.

The intoxicating fragrance contained within this bottle has a blend of a woody and elegant scent completed with green leaf, Apple, drenched mimosa, sailcloth accord, water lotus, musk and cedar wood.

Convinced yet?

4) Versace Eros

For those out there with a soft spot for natural scents, Versace has you covered. Made up of defining specifics such as lemon zest, mint leaves, oak moss and cedar wood among other natural herbs, these add up to creating a fragrance that is not only

intense but also refreshing and arousing. Did I mention vanilla beans in the specifics? Oh, what wonders does that do, adding a delicious touch to the odor.

5) Viktor and Rolf Spice bomb

Remember how in the action movies, usually the bad guys go by the name Viktor?

This one is no less. With a distinctive explosive scent, it creates a powerful, audacious and sensual aura. The critiques called it the "Cologne Bomb," also because it is housed within a fitting hand grenade style bottle. What a masterpiece, eh? With two elements playing together; the hot side comes from chili, saffron, and tobacco

whereas the explosive and icy one is brought about by grapefruit, pink pepper, and elemi. Quite a catch.

6) Pure Instinct by David Beckham

Last but not the least is Beckham’s first ever in his fragrance collection. This one is characterized as a spicy blend of black pepper, cardamom, silver sage, rosemary and tobacco leaves. What’s more is the lasting scent that will stand for quite a show which makes it a position holder in the list of men’s best fragrances.

Here are our distinctively picked out men’s best fragrances that range from spicy, edgy, soft and fresh scents that suit numerous occasions and suitors, all ready to mark your bold entrance!

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