Planning a vacation up north? Or maybe, worried about winter being right around the corner (or waiting at your front door depending on what side of the pile you’re living in)? With the degrees dropping at a rapid rate, so do our style expectations. You are maybe wondering why in the world anyone in their right mind would put fashion first instead of function when it’s zero degrees out there and freezing. To be fair, you don’t have to go so hard up on yourself and look like a gypsies’ out the woods right? I’m the contrary; let’s talk about how to withstand the weather fashionably, shall we?

Now while you’re considering what pair of good boots
for the snow to buy, you may have in mind hitting the ski scenes, tramping through those slushy parking lots or walking comfortably around your holiday resort vicinity.

Well, we have a few options in store for you.

1) Columbia Bug slips Boot

With the craftsmanship of Columbia invested in these good boots for snow, the Bug slip is not just the most comfortable winter footwear with lined with Alaskan leather but also, it completes one’s look with a sporty finish, making you appear dashing as ever in those vacation snaps. Moreover, keeping you warm against the weather down to -25F degrees is accompanied by being super lightweight with a sturdy grip. So what do you say? Ready to go gliding on the snow?

2) Totes Men’s Short Winter Boot

I’m sure you’d be familiar with these, occasionally spotted in that Hollywood action films. What makes these Totes Boots standout is their synthetic material. Giving you the impressive height in the melting snow, this pair keeps you from sliding off on the garage walks or ski sites. The insulated faux leather keeps you want against the crushing weather, making your money worth it!

3) Madden Men’s Neptun Boot.

Now, this sir is an incredibly strong basic. Providing you with maximum comfort, with those leather lined insides and a 7-inch shaft from the arch, acting as a
waterproof shield, is the ultimate winter essential. What’s more? It was the perfect solution if you want an anti-odour footwear and worn over denim, available in all shades of brown and black. The tagline for these boots; ultimate winter boots!

4) Wolverine Julian Suede Chukkas

Handcrafted from Alaskan suede and a smooth leather trim, this patchy brown pair just fits the definition of versatile. The power grip of laces will make sure that snow won’t sweep in. These good boots for snow don’t just stand out from the rest but also make your feet feel light as a cloud.

5) Chelsea Boots

Personally, nothing tops a good pair of Chelsea’s. Just the right length up to the ankle, these boots hold up in the snow and keep you from sinking in the snow.

The lightweight element of Chelsea’s works wonders! With these on, you could play a whole different look of classy, built for a variety of winter conditions, still being elegant enough for an office or maybe a ski vacation!

I hope we solved the winter footwear struggle for you, by suggesting these options in a variety of colors, leather types, lengths, and looks.

So no more compromising on your winter wardrobe. Instead, gear up for a classy winter or a North vacation with these good boots for snow, misters!

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