Polo shirts are a must have in the summer. They are easy, comfortable and stylish. The best polo t-shirts are the ones that suit us and that are in style. How would you know which Polo shirt to buy? You need a guide to own the best polo shirts and how to carry them.

Polo shirts aren’t like simple t-shirts that can just be slipped on. As polos represent class and elegance, they need to be worn that way too. So what are the do’s and don’ts of wearing a polo shirt? Tuck it in or keep it out? Wear it with jeans or on shorts?

No! It’s a whole lot of other things that need to be kept in mind when wearing a polo shirt. And the best polo t-shirts can be worn with anything you want.

That’s why it’s a must!

The Don’ts of wearing Polo shirts!

  1. Wear your polo t-shirts according to your size. Make sure your shirt isn’t crossing your behind. If it does, then it’s just going to crumple up and show when you tuck your shirt in.

  2. Never wear an undershirt or vest with your shirt. Polo t-shirts are mad with cotton to have an airy and light feel to it. Polo shirts are fitting but not tight either. In short, polo shirts are not made to be worn with undershirts. They are worn without them. You don’t want your undershirt to crumple your collar or slip out from under your sleeve.

  3. Don’t think you can exchange a shirt for a polo shirt under a blazer. Men think that a blazer looks great over a polo shirt. They couldn’t be more wrong. Whatever you do, stick to the shirt; Never a polo shirt with your blazer.

  4. Do not tuck your polo shirt in your shorts or leave your shirt out over pants. Tucking and un-tucking depend upon the occasion and what you’re wearing. With shirts, you always keep your polo shirt out. While with pants, you always tuck them in. It looks decent and better.

The Dos of wearing Polo shirts!

  1. Find the appropriate size for yourself. The best polo t-shirt means the best in material, fitting, color, and print. Try slipping a finger between your shirt and arm, if it doesn’t slip in or tightens around your finger then get a larger size.

These shirts are made of cotton so they should be draped over your body. It should show enough of your body and not much of it. Your shirt should be slim fitting, and the sleeves should reach just above your shoulder.

Another indication that you have a perfect size is that the buttoned collar should reach just down the chest area.

  1. Try to avoid logos, preferably large logos, on your shirt. It has apparently become a trend to have large logos on polo shirts. It does not always look nice. Logos are unavoidable. But try getting the polo shirts that have small logos on the breast pocket. It’s more sophisticated.

If you’re looking for the best polo t-shirt, then make sure you follow the guide.

And you’ll own the best polo shirt. Whether it’s for tennis or just for a golf day, you need to have a polo shirt in your wardrobe!

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