When times get rough, today’s incredibly amazing athletic watches rise to the occasion with bold, masculine appeal.

Whether you’re running challenging mountain trails or riding waves, a high-performance athletic watch is what you need to make your life easier.

Now if you’re wondering why you should so many dollars on a sports watch then here’s why:

  • You’ll come across to people as athletic (which are sexy!)

  • These watches are superbly durable, so easily stand a few knocks

  • They often incorporate stopwatches

  • And don’t you want to stand out at a gathering and steal all the admiring looks of pretty chics?

  • Yes, they will certainly not ruin the attire you’re doing!

Fashion is anything that makes you feel comfortable, confident and classy. And these athletic watches just do all these!

Here’s a list of the top 5 amazing athletic watches that’ll just change your perception of time!

1. TagHeuer Professional Golf Watch

Intelligently designed to meet golfers’ specific needs and demands, TAG Heuer watches

are simply perfect for the game. This incredibly slim athletic watch surpasses the

conventions of all other wrist watches. TagHeuer used a mixture of finely brushed Grade

Titanium and robust stainless steel to craft the super-slim Professional Golf Watch, with a minimum of just 55 grams that aluminates the golfers’ concerns about their swing and precision being affected.

2. Breitling Aerospace Evo

Now, this is a class with beauty AND durability! The athletic watch comes in two versions: standard and night mission. The Aerospace multifunction electronic
chronograph adopts a non-glare stealth look in a brand new satin brushed titanium version. With its simple, crown-operated control system, Aerospace Evo has successfully established itself as a paragon of efficiency, functionality, and performance.

Now if you are wondering how much this beautiful piece of technology weighs then let us inform you: this athletic watch weights only 46.7 grams without the strap!

3. Tom Multi-Sport Watch

Great design, one button usability, incredible durability, GPS with LCD, optional Bluetooth sports peripherals along with bike handlebar mount and the added ability of tracking running, cycling and swimming are just some of the incredible features offered by this sleek, stylish watch. The watch is aimed at tracking your exercise activities

4. Polar V800

All you athletes and multisport fans, this one’s for you guys! With an impressive battery timing, strong build, and attractive design this watch is just what you need to track your sporting activities. This athletic watch has a 24/7 fitness tracking and support for Polar’s new Support running program that offers a series of adaptive training programs that can conveniently be synced with the athletic watch.

What more? Well, this fantastic watch is waterproof so you can take it for a swim with you for up to 30 meters. Isn’t that exciting?

5. Huawei Watch 2

The Huawei watch 2 is an Android wear 2.0, a smart watch with dedicated fitness features and third-party support program, built-in GPS, heart-rate monitor and optional 4G. What else are we to tell you about this outclass athletic watch? We recommend

Huawei Watch 2 to you if you want to relish an ultimate experience of wearing a sports watch!

We hope you enjoyed reading our review of the best athletic watches.

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