Celebrities launching their brands are not new to the scene. From fancy fragrances and makeups to clothing lines, seeing celebrities’ name associated with a label is not surprising anymore. Besides, we all know that having a name behind a product makes better sales, and we bet this trend isn’t dying anytime soon.

Just this week, Justin Bieber joined the bandwagon and launched his streetwear label, “Drew House”. Its first collection features a variety of unisex pieces that are supposed to be affordable designer options. As expected, the drop drew a lot of attention, with fans flocking in and buying all the items just a few hours after their release. But with all the buzz and hype surrounding the Bieb’s streetwear label, we want to know, is it really worth it? We’ve broken it all down for you, curious padawan.


Drew House’s design and aesthetics

Justin Bieber is known to wear lose shirts and cop a more laid-back look for his overall style, and this has been well-reflected on his brand. For their first collection, they created unisex pieces anchored on the relaxed streetwear style, almost athleisure. They have a monochrome and minimalistic look and focus on using solid neutral hues.

While the brand may have a lot more in store in the coming months, many were quick to point out its uncanny resemblance to Kanye’s Yeezy collection. Its beige, earthy tones and even some of the designs (minus the avant-garde holes) have almost the same feel, and fans quickly took notice.
Aside from that, people are also drawn (not in a good way) to Drew House’s corduroy shorts, which simply feature the label’s logo placed boldly across the crouch. We are not sure if that’s the best idea, and we don’t think that we’d want to wear something that has Justin’s middle name in that area.
Overall, the designs are a little underwhelming and not exactly new. Aside from a new name, there’s nothing really innovative about Drew House as we’ve already seen something like these before. We think there’s a potential that the brand can make a name for itself, but we’re not quite sure how. Will it be a staple streetwear label or just another laughing stock on the market? Only time will tell. But for now, we’re not really impressed and we sure hope that they step up their game in their next collection.

Drew House’s price points

Drew House aims to offer affordable options for fans, and while a $98 hoodie isn’t really the definition of “cheap,” their prices are relatively low compared to competitors. Other brands could go as high as $300 a piece (cheapest ones) so Justin Bieber’s apparel is definitely more affordable if you look at it from this perspective. We think it’s friendly for those who want to cop something popular but don’t really have hundreds of dollars to burn. If they release more appealing designs, then they can truly get an edge on this growing market.

So, is Drew House worth checking out?

So far, we’re not exactly impressed by what they have released, but if you pair their potential with their interesting price points, you know they could truly make a huge impact on the streetwear market. We just hope that they go out of their box and explore further by creating innovative styles in the future. It’s a brand that we’ll watch, but for now, it’s not something that we’d die to have in our wardrobes.