K-pop is slowly on the rise in the West, and along with the catchy music, the movement’s impeccable style has definitely caught us looking as well. The Korean style is not much different from what we’re used to — fashion-forward yet casual — but somehow, Koreans showcase an entirely different feel through their fashion. We’ve taken a closer look at how they do it and here are a few things that we can learn from their style trends.



Go bold and experiment with colors

Korean men look great in suits. While most of them still stick to the traditional colors, they also don’t shy away from bold and statement pieces like colorful ensembles or even floral ones. As for normal wear, they are not afraid to don brightly colored tops and play around with patterns. They definitely don’t mind taking a different direction from what people are used to, and it’s paying off. Obviously.

Hoodies are your best friend

Hoodies are a huge trend in Korean fashion as they’re easy to layer and easier to style. Wear a hoodie by itself and you get a nice athleisure look. Layer it with a top coat and create a sleek look that you can wear through the night. Koreans have definitely taken this piece as a part of their wardrobe staples and we definitely get it. It’s comfortable and stylish. Now, time to buy one for ourselves.

Don’t be afraid of the biker look

Get your biker jackets and use them as a key point for casual and stylish layering. Feel free to use that leather — whether faux or real — and strut your way to the streets. You can easily pair this look with a white shirt, a pair of classic jeans, and some boots. It’s nothing over the top but still creates a stylish overall look.

Don’t have leather and don’t like it? You can also use suede, usually in different shades of brown, and use it as an accent to your outfit.

Try on some pleated trousers

Pleated trousers are slowly making a comeback and Koreans are embracing this look. Wearing pleated trousers helps achieve a look that trims down the waist and broadens the torso, which is the body type that men in their culture usually desire. You can play around with colors but make sure to get muted ones like maroon or gray as they are easier to pair with other pieces of clothing.

Add more flair to your outfit with outerwear

From bomber jackets to topcoats to padded leather varsity jackets, Koreans love to spice things up with their outerwear. You can easily come up with different looks depending on your outerwear, plus it can help you achieve the silhouette that you want — whether it be a supersized version of yourself with clean lines that make you look taller or a more form-flattering look that makes you look fit and slim.