When looking at taking up a new workout routine or attempting a new type of exercise, most men look at going to the gym, cycling, running or swimming as some of the more commonly known physical workouts when choosing their next route.

However, one workout which costs next to nothing can be attempted at various times of the day, alongside burning many a calorie in the process, is power walking.

Considered one of the gentler forms of activities, power walking is usually scoffed at by many people, both men, and women alike, who often feel that walking isn’t really in the league of credible exercise. However, power walking is a different concept all together and just might be your next best and most successful workout routine to date!

Who Is Power Walking Suitable For?

The great thing about power walking is that anyone can do it! In particular, if you find running or jogging a little uncomfortable and need a gentler lower impact routine, power walking can ensure that you continue to stay fit and healthy and derive just as good a result as if you were running or jogging.

Power walking is also perfect too for beginners who are looking to increase their fitness levels progressively, perhaps with a view in mind to eventually begin running but currently want to work on building strength and getting into it at a steadier pace.

Ultimately, power walking can be done at any time and anywhere! It doesn’t have to be limited to workout time; you can get a power walk in first thing in the morning before starting work and perhaps even as you walk the dog! If possible, you could power walk to work and even attempt a quick power walk around the block during breaks and lunchtimes, ending with a power walk home.

The Many Benefits of Power Walking

There are two massive benefits to power walking; improved health and increased fitness levels. There’s no denying that power walking has the ability to burn a tremendous number of calories per session and, when you combine such regular sessions with a healthy based diet, you’ll soon see the weight drop off. This is why if you’re looking for some quick weight loss tips power walking is the perfect activity to increase your results.

By committing to a session of say 30 to 40 minutes of power walking each day and maintaining a pace which works to get the blood pumping, perhaps by aiming for a steady pace of 4 to 5mph, you will get your heart rate up, leading to sustained increased fitness levels.


How Do I Get Started Power Walking?

The best thing about power walking is that it’s free and so simple to take up. You don’t need any fancy equipment or specialized instructors to guide you through the process. Instead, all that you need to get started is a comfortable pair of walking or running shoes, some loose clothes and a path to follow!

If this is your first workout routine or you haven’t exercised for some time now, start slow and build up as the weeks go by, walking at a pace to suit you. Always remember to warm up though – some people seem to think walking requirements no stretching beforehand. Power walking will use those leg muscles to their fullest capacity, so stretching them out beforehand is crucial if you want to continue your session without any aches or pains or cramp throughout.

Ultimately, enjoy being out in the open and take in the world around you one week, popping on a headset for the next week.

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