LuvArt Shoes is the new talk of the town. The art inspired Footwear Company has introduced a new line of footwear that is already causing a buzz in the market due to its classic design.

The new company is redefining the shoe industry from its uniqueness in both footwear designing and their mission. This is not just another footwear company in town but an art-inspired footwear company with a mission to give back to the community.

How LuvArt Shoes Started

LuvArt Shoes was started by passionate philanthropist Elliott Aaron From together with his partner Tricia Schwaba. Elliot has been working with over 350 Non-Profits for the past 11 years helping people in need.

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Funding and Launch

So far, he has raised over $3.75 million for non-profits by selling his paintings and other artistic works for charity. All this money has been used in helping the needy and less privileged in the United States and third world countries.

The launch of LuvArt Shoes Company is expected to help advance this course by reaching more people through the new line of footwear. Shoes are almost like a fundamental need in the modern world, and thus it is an item that will reach the larger privileged population across the world and get them in charitable work indirectly.

Raising Awareness

Through this initiative, he is also expecting to raise awareness among the free societies that there are people in the world who need help. He also aims at helping people understand what they may deem little could make a huge difference in the life of someone in a third world country.

LuvArt Shoes: Art Inspired Footwear Company

Collaboration With Non-Profit

LuvArt Shoes will be collaborating with, a leading non-profit organization, which they worked in other campaigns such as Women4Women. Just like Elliott, is also dedicated to creating sustainable jobs in third world countries through the distribution of clothes and shoes.

The company has adopted a model that will help people participate in charity course. With this model, everyone who buys sneaker or any style of the available LuvArt Shoes have already been put in place. If you purchase a new shoe from LuvArt Shoe, you will have to donate an old gently or new shoe for It will be that easy.

LuvArt Shoes: Art Inspired Footwear Company

Apart from being exclusively a charity company, LuvArt Shoes’ line of footwear is designed and constructed to inspire the next-generation of shoes. Benefiting from the artistic prowess of Elliot and his partner Tricia, they have created a classic and unrivaled line of shoes.

The Different Styles

The footwear comes in a variety of incredible colorways for buyers to choose from. However, the astounding combination of hue is one of the many elements that make these shoes stand out.

Whether you want LGBT colorway, they have plenty for you to pick from. It is a line of footwear defines the artistic fineness of Elliot and Tricia. Have you seen their flip-flops colorway? Well, you will be impressed by the range of available options.

LuvArt Shoes: Art Inspired Footwear CompanyLuvArt Shoes: Art Inspired Footwear Company

Apart from the colorway, this line of footwear is constructed from high-quality materials, and thus you will definitely bang for the buck. The upper is constructed from lightweight canvas while the hightop iterations come with a faux leather toe cap.

That makes the shoe quite flexible and comfortable to wear. The outsole is made from premium quality rubber outsole that offers durable traction. The sole provides incredible traction even on slippery surfaces.

LuvArt Shoes: Art Inspired Footwear Company

Other highlights about LuvArt Shoes’ footwear include the lace-up closure for all high tops and some casual editions. Both hightop and casual styles are designed with a breathable lining to keep inside of the shoe fresh and cool even on hot summer days.

The soft removable insole provides a perfect condition for your foot in any weather condition. You can also buy for the entire family since they have shoes for men, women, and kids.

LuvArt Shoes: Art Inspired Footwear Company

There is no doubt that LuvArt Shoes will be a big deal this in the footwear industry. As an art-inspired footwear company, they have the kind of shoes that you need to look cool this summer.

This is not just a pair of shoes but will be a charity course that will inspire and help needy people across the world. This is a course we should support and it’s worth spending money on.

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