Back problems? Might be good for you to give lower back pain exercises a try. One of the most common causes of pain or soreness in the back is the lack of exercise. Without working out from time to time, your muscles tighten up resulting in stiffness and a decrease in flexibility. The problem isn’t just in the back. Your spine is supported by other muscles throughout the body including the thighs, hamstrings, and core. With limited movement, these muscles become weak over time resulting in poor support to the spine.

So if you want to strengthen your back, then here are the top lower back pain exercises to try.

Cat stretch

Do you ever see a cat stretch upon waking up? The cat stretch is exactly just like that. This stretch exercise is good for releasing tension in your upper and lower back. It is also a good exercise to ease pain in the back and neck. Doing cat stretches from time to time strengthens the spine.

Wall sits

Wall sits engages and activates muscles in your lower body. This is not just about strengthening your lower body but also better supporting your spine. Wall sits also allow you to release tension in your lower back by pressing it against the wall.

Leg press

lower back pain exercise
leg press – Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

The leg press is a weightlifting exercise that requires muscle force from your lower body, including your lower back. When doing a leg press, it is important to be mindful of the weight you are carrying because too much weight can be bad for your back. But if done right, the leg press is a great lower back pain exercise.

Bridges or bridging

There is so much good you can do to your body when you execute bridges on a daily basis. This exercise requires work for most parts of the body including your heels and your hips. Bridges can reduce and relieve back pain. It can also improve your posture which can also affect your lower back.


lower back pain exercise
aerobics – Photo by Anupam Mahapatra on Unsplash

Aerobics is not one but a bunch of exercise routines that require the entire body to move. This is good for lower back pain because it engages the entire body and at the same time improves blood circulation and flexibility, which are both key attributes to strengthening your back muscles. This workout also helps you lose weight. Excess weight can be the cause of lower back pain because your spine is supporting too much.


Just like aerobics, yoga is an exercise activity consisting of different movements or better yet poses. Yoga focuses on improving the body’s flexibility and stretching every muscle in the body. There are specific yoga poses to ease lower back pain including sphinx, cat and cow, downward facing dog, and upward facing dog.

Lower back pain exercise and a healthy diet

Other than lower back pain exercises, you can also turn to a healthy diet to improve your back and relieve lower back pain. An anti-inflammatory diet can help reduce and ease lower back pain. So, if you want to beat back pain, exercise and healthy diet.