The iconic “business in the front, party in the back” mullet haircut styles have made a major comeback in recent years. This versatile haircut comes in a variety of styles, from classic to modern, short to medium length, and can be styled with little to no effort, depending on the desired look.

Make a statement with these mullet haircut styles 

1. Classic Mullet 

classic mullet haircut style
Photo by: Man of Many

The classic mullet is as timeless as it has always been, with shaggy, shoulder-length hair in the back and medium-length hair on top and front. It’s a daring look that needs hair growth, but the end result is well worth it for those who want to embrace the vintage mullet style. The styling is simple, with a natural, carefree vibe that can be boosted with sea-salt spray and matte clay for texture and hold.

2. Mullet with Bangs

For a modern twist on the classic mullet, consider adding bangs to the front. This trendy style creates a distinct and futuristic appearance, with the bangs adding texture, layers, and extra volume depending on the style. The contrast between the party in the back and the statement fringe in the front adds an edgy touch to the mullet haircut. Moderate styling is used, with sea-salt spray and matte clay to help achieve the desired look.

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3. Modern Mullet

If you prefer a more subtle version of the mullet, go for the modern mullet. This style has a shorter front and a slightly longer back, giving it a more blended and less dramatic appearance. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to embrace the mullet trend without going overboard. The styling is simple, use matte clay for a natural, effortless look.

4. Short Mullet

The short mullet is a low-maintenance, easy-to-wear style. It almost looks like a shaggy haircut in the back, making it suitable for corporate settings. This style provides a clean-cut, average look that requires minimal styling, with matte clay for a neat and polished finish.

5. Blown Out Mullet

If you have long, wavy hair, the mullet haircut style is a safe option to try. You can achieve a shaggy mullet look with thick, wavy hair by blowing it up and backwards. Moderate styling is done with sea-salt spray and matte clay to enhance the natural waves and add texture.

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6. Wavy Mullet

Wavy hair works well for a variety of hairstyles, including mullets! The natural waves add an effortless and relaxed vibe to the mullet, needing little styling. A simple brush over the back and sides will give you a relaxed and stylish look. To enhance the waves and provide some hold, use sea-salt spray and matte clay.

7. Spiky Mullet

If you have short hair, consider a rugged and edgy mullet. You can add volume and height to the mullet by spiking the hair on top. On the other hand, this mullet haircut style requires a moderate amount of effort. Use a styling product such as matte clay to hold the hair in place and create a textured finish.