Completing lower body exercises at home is generally easy. You do not need fancy equipment to engage those leg muscles. You just need to focus on the weight of your body or utilize common household items like a chair or a table. Nevertheless, these are effective if done properly and regularly.

Having a strong set of legs is a great way to keep your body physically fit. It is a core requirement if you want to pursue an athletic career or just carry you on every day at work. There are several lower body exercises that you can add to your workout daily routine. Here are some killer workouts that we suggest you try.

1. Squats

Lower Body Workouts
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• Stand straight with your feet parallel to your shoulders. Turn them out and put your weight on your heels.
• Pivot forward and sit back on your butt in a squatting position. Bend your knees up, gently, to the point where your thighs become parallel to the ground.
• Using your heels, drive back to a straight position. Remember to engage your core and keep your butt squeezed when you stand.

2. Lunges

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• Stand straight and make sure that your feet are parallel to your shoulders.
• Step your right foot back and land on your foot’s ball. Create a 90-degree angle as you bend your knee.
• Do the same steps on your left side.

3. Squat jumps

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• Stand straight with your feet parallel to your shoulders. Rotate them outwards and distribute your weight evenly on your heels.
• Position your body forward and sit back on your butt, staying in a squatting position. Bend your knees slowly until it is parallel with the ground.
• Jump high in the air while keeping your legs straight. Your arms should swing down on your sides to increase your momentum. Remember to keep a straight back and lifted chest.
• Softly land on the ground and automatically return to the squatting position.

4. Calf Raises

• Stand straight with your feet parallel to your hips.
• Raise your right knee, up to the level of your hips, maintaining your toes pointed. Keep your hands on your hips or anywhere that will make you feel more stable.
• Allow your core to stay engaged as you raise your left heel above the floor. You can raise it up to the highest comfortable position you can reach. Keep your balance on your foot’s ball.
• Hold the position for at least three seconds before lowering your heel down.
• Repeat the steps on the other side.

5. Leg Raises

Lower Body Workouts

• Lie on your side with your legs stretched out. Stack them above each other. Raise your torso using the strength of your forearm. You also have the option to just rest it on a flat position.
• Gently lift the leg on top towards the ceiling. Tighten your abdomen for better support. Make sure to move slowly with control. Remember to lift only from your hip as well as butt. Do not engage the lower part of your back.
• Return to the original position and switch to the other side.
• Repeat the steps on the other side.

6. Step Up

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• You may opt to hold a dumbbell in each of your hands. Stand straight having your feet parallel with your shoulders.
• Step one leg forward on a platform. Using your thighs, prop your whole body upward.
• Bring your other leg up on the platform afterward, making sure that you are standing on the platform completely.
• Step either of your legs down and return to the floor.
• Repeat the steps on the other side.

Lower body workouts are great to strengthen your core and leg area. Not only will it make these areas toned, you will also feel good as it improves your overall appearance. With this, you can notice excess fat on your legs, buttocks, and thighs shedding. It is a great motivation and may improve your mental and physical well-being.

There are several fitness routines to improve your lower body. You can run, brisk walk, swim or participate in various sports. Nevertheless, you can utilize killer workouts such as the exercises identified above. We recommend you try them out to notice the difference. You can easily complete them even at the comfort of your own home.

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