The best part of entering the Spring is the ability to put away your wool skull caps and replaced them with an airy baseball cap. It’s the simple things that bring joy when you are not battling the biting cold and 12-inches of snow.

The seasonal change, however, could become an overwhelming moment. You now have to choose the right hat to match your lighter wardrobe. Don’t fret. Rather, embrace that moment and discover new head accessories. Here are a few new additions to 2018 to spice up your headgear.

Stacy Adams Wool Pork Pie Hat

It seems like this trend is one that won’t fade easily. It all began around 10 years ago when Breaking Bad’s Walter White put on the pork pie hat. Then every hipster in the world — especially in Williamsburg, Brooklyn — started adding this apparel to its spring wardrobe. The Stacy Adams style for 2018 remains classy in appearance for an affordable price (as little as $47) with a quality wool/felt feel.

Goorin Brother’s American Made Gatsby Frenchmen Hat

The hat company has found phenomenal success amongst fashionistas in New York City. They offer all kinds of styles from the straightforward baseball caps to chic pork pies. But there’s a long lie of art-driven selections. This season there’s the over-sized Frenchmen’s hat designed by John Ross Thomas.

The navy-blue hat features hand-painted baby-blue brush strokes that exude springy vibes. It’s like wearing a piece of original artwork. The limited-edition item is a high-end item, retailing for $120.

Goorin Brother’s 5 Panel Trucker Baseball Caps

The trucker hat trend hasn’t really gone away. From John Deere to Patagonia, the style has remained a strong part of the Spring and Summer seasons. Goorin has released its own version recently. There’s launched three styles: The Eye of the Tiger, Elephant and Queen Bee.

These three hats feature large cartoon patches of the aforementioned creatures. The biggest difference with Goorin’s trucker version is that it adds comfortability. Those adjustment straps on the others typically dig into your head.

Carhartt WIP Backley Cap

An oldie but goodie. Carhartt was the leader amongst the blue-collar community for decades. Now they have steered their attention to the larger audience. The New England company has redesigned their durable hats to appear more contemporary and edgy.

This years’ WIP Backley 5 panel has the trademark Carhartt symbol on the front and embroidered ventilation eyelets on the sides. But this style is guaranteed to go with all of your Spring outfits. By the way, for those that don’t know what WIP it’s an acronym for ‘Work in Progress’.

Stone Island Classic Embroidered Baseball Cap

The designs at Stone Island are rapidly becoming the leader in simple and stylish baseball caps, surpassing icons such as the Ralph Lauren Polo Twill hat. The company has completely revamped their approach, scaling back and focusing on simple accessories rather than full outfits. Now this Spring style baseball cap has become a popular addition among the fashion-hungry in Milan.

Fjallraven Hatfield Safari Hat

At first glance, this may seem like a bit over the top. But the blue safari hat by this Swedish company has become a huge seller for its durability and protection for Spring showers (the key is the utilization of wax-infused fabric).

You could get it in five other colors if you choose. There are choices such as olive and meadow green. A leather logo resides above the brim and the floppy hat retains a degree of style to compliment a casual style.

City Hunter Jute Straw Trilby Hat

When you think about straw hats, the thoughts of Pina Coladas and warm Caribbean water comes to mind. But it’s also a style that goes with any outfit and color. And the City Hunter addition this spring screams casual. The company added a braided straw band to give the hat a sleek appeal and will make you stand out this spring.

Image credit: Pixabay Pexels

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