It looks like makeup counters aren’t just for the ladies any longer. In a recent article in the Daily Telegraph, according to Dismay Sharma, London’s managing director of the legendary makeup powerhouse L’Oreal, makeup counters for men may become a reality in five years from now.

What does he attribute this uptake in the male interest in men’s grooming products? Blame it on the "Selfie Generation."

"Today you have a tiny proportion of men who want to use makeup products but that percentage is growing, and it will continue to grow.

I think it’s just awareness – two things are happening, men know they can use makeup, and they know what it does when you use it," Sharma said in the interview with the news outlet.

He also notes that it’s no longer taboo in our society for men to embrace their appearance and want to enhance that appearance with the help of some product here and there. "Taboos are going, so between my generation and my son’s generation the taboos are very different," Sharma says.

This falls right in line with several recent surveys that suggest men are spending more and more on their appearance.

Beyond grooming products, it looks like men’s fashion is also seeing an uptake in sales compared to womenswear.

In a recent study by Ogilvy, it determined that men spend more on apparel and accessories compared to women these days. The report claims that the menswear industry will grow by 8.3 percent in the upcoming year.

The womenswear industry is projected to increase only 4.2 percent. A study by IBISWorld determined that menswear is the fastest growing online sales category since 2010.

The mere fact a separate Men’s Fashion Week was launched a few years ago is clear evidence that there is a robust and growing market for menswear.

Who says appearance is only for the ladies? Men are now taking notice of their looks and how they can enhance their vibe, whether it’s through grooming products, fashion or accessories.

So, gents, don’t be afraid to saddle up to that new makeup counter made just for you. His and her makeup counters will soon be a thing.

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