Manscaping is one of those things you either love or hate. If you’re like most men, you probably fall somewhere in the middle — you don’t want it to look too good, but you’d rather have some hair than none at all. But what do you really know about shaving your balls? And how does it work? To answer those questions, we asked our resident expert, Dr. James M. Devereaux, D.O., founder of the Men’s Health Center, to give us his best tips for keeping your man parts looking great. Here are the seven best ones.

1. Keep it clean. “If you’ve got a little nook or cranny where you keep your junk, make sure it’s well cleaned,” says Dr. Devereaux. “You don’t want to put anything down there that could harbor bacteria.” So wash up beforehand, and use antibacterial soap.

2. Don’t shave while wearing underwear. “I think it’s important to always wear something under your pants when you shave,” he adds. “That way, you won’t accidentally cut yourself.”

3. Go slow. “Don’t rush through the process,” warns Dr. Devereaux, because you’ll end up cutting yourself. Start out gradually, and go no faster than once every three days.

4. Get a proper blade. A safety razor works better than a straight razor since it doesn’t require sharpening. You can find them at drugstores and department stores.

5. Be gentle. “Use a very soft brush to gently scrub away dead skin cells,” advises Dr. Devereaux; otherwise, you might irritate your penis.

6. Know your tools. “A good electric shaver is essential for a smooth finish,” he explains. But you shouldn’t just buy whatever’s cheapest, because cheap ones often lack features like variable speed controls.” Instead, opt for a quality model.

7. Use aftershaves. Aftershaves help prevent ingrown hairs by moisturizing the area,” says Dr. Deveaux. “And they also protect against cuts from shaving.”

Follow these steps, and you’ll be manscaping like a pro in no time!

A Complete Guide to Manscaping Every Single Body Part

Manscaping isn’t just about shaving off body hair anymore. Nowadays, it involves trimming everything else you want to be removed. From the neck down, you’ll find yourself looking like a well-groomed gentleman. Here are some tips to help you achieve the best manscape ever.

1. Trim your pubes. The first step in any manscaping routine is trimming your pubic hair. This should be done after showering so that you don’t get waterlogged hairs. Use an electric clipper to remove unwanted hair from your genitals.

2. Shape your beard. Next, shape your facial hair into a neat style. For example, if you prefer a full beard, then grow it as far back as possible. Alternatively, if you want a more trimmed look, then go ahead and shave your cheeks and chin.

3. Clean up your ears. After you’ve groomed your face, take care of your ears by cleaning them thoroughly. Use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol to wipe away dirt and debris.

4. Remove excess hair around your nipples. If you have hairy nipples, then you need to remove the extra hair before you start manscaping. Using tweezers, carefully pluck out the hairs around your nipples.

5. Shave your chest. Once you’ve taken care of your ears and nipples, now it’s time to tackle your chest. First, apply a moisturizer to your chest area. Then, using a disposable razor, shave your chest hairs until they’re completely gone.

6. Take care of your belly button. Finally, take care of your belly button by removing any stray hairs around it. Use tweezers to pull out any hairs that may have gotten stuck underneath your navel.

7. Finish with a manicure. Last but not least, polish your nails. To do this, use a nail file to clean up your fingernails and toenails.

8. Apply lotion. When you’re finished manscaping, apply a generous amount of lotion to your entire body. It will keep your skin hydrated and prevent ingrown hairs.

9. Dry off. After applying lotion, dry yourself off with a towel or washcloth.

10. Style your hair. Before you leave the bathroom, style your hair. Use a comb to make sure that all of your hair is neatly styled.

11. Put on clothes. After you’ve dried off, put on some comfortable clothing. Don’t forget socks!

12. Look in the mirror. Lastly, check your work. Is there anything that needs improvement? If yes, then continue manscaping until you feel satisfied with the results.

13. Enjoy your new manly appearance. You can now enjoy your newly groomed body without having to worry about body hair.