Get noticed by women with these styles.

Aura, confidence, and humour are undoubtedly the top qualities of men that attract most women. But, enough of those qualities because just as men are visual, women would only notice men who are attractive-looking for them. This is the first thing that women would notice – the men’s style – before the chance to show her the soft qualities mentioned.

According to recent research, most women are attracted to men with a sense of style, regardless of their muscular build or fitness. 

So, here are the top 5 things women find most attractive in men’s style:

Men’s Style #1. Have a clean haircut

A clean haircut is advantageous for men because it is easy to maintain, dries quickly, is more adaptable to different environments and occasions, and makes your hair look fuller. Many styles suit your face shapes, such as standard barber’s cut, military-inspired crew cut, and voluminous pompadour. 

In a study of  Gillette in collaboration with Tinder, most women prefer to like beardless or no facial hair men. It is probably because hairless men look much younger than their long-haired counterparts, seem less belligerent, and appear smarter and classier.

Men's Style #2. Classy shoes make an impression

Men’s Style #2. Classy shoes make an impression

Classy shoes pertain to well-cared footwear, not those expensive shoes. Aside from hygiene, how a man cares for his shoes creates an impression of how he will take good care of a girlfriend. 

If you want to create a good impression, take excellent care of your shoes. For leather materials in the boat or brogue shoes, do regular polishing and conditioning, so they shine. For sneakers and canvas, ensure they will still look clean despite having a worn look. 

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Men’s Style #3. Get a well-fitted tailored suit

Wearing a suit will, of course, depend on one’s job. But men wearing a tailored suit are more attractive to women, and suits are more flattering to the body and make a mam seem taller and slimmer.

A man in a suit creates an impression of someone who is successful, stable, and reliable, suggesting he may be a good boyfriend. Wearing a suit also demands respect and commands power. 

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Men's Style #4. Wear an impressive watch or accessories

Men’s Style #4. Wear an impressive watch or accessories

In research from the British Journal of Psychology and Journal of Evolutionary Psychology, women chose men posing in front of expensive cars or apartments, versus ordinary ones, possibly because they make the men appear rich. 

To boost your appeal, accessorize with an understated minimalist watch. You can add some shine with a ring and show off your personality. But, keep it less to look classy. As a rule, wear no more than two or three accessories at a time. 

Men’s Style #5. White T-shirt and jeans are still classic

This classic combination is comfortable, budget-friendly, and clean-looking. Any man can pull off this look and boost the appeal. 

To look more attractive, choose the T-Shirt with a correct fitting that is not loose, baggy, or too tight. Showing off those biceps also makes a man look more appealing.

For denim jeans, choose those slim or tapered cuts with a proper length that grazes the tops of the shoes. 

With these enumerated styles, you will surely be the first one to get women’s attention. With this style, you can still boost your appeal further by showing off your confidence and overall aura. Also, remember to get the woman’s attention, be witty and make her laugh. 

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