A voluptuous body in a glass-hour shape, and with all curves at the right place, break the internet, or more specifically, Twitter and Instagram, by the rising star in fashion and influencer marketing, Mikayla Demaiter.

Quick facts about Mikayla Demaiter

  1. Mikayla Demaiter is a Canadian ice hockey goaltender who plays for the Brock Badgers women’s ice hockey team. 🏒
  2. She gained media attention after photos of her in a bikini on a beach in Mexico went viral on social media. 📸
  3. Demaiter stated that the photoshoot was intended to promote body positivity and encourage women to feel confident in their own skin. 💪
  4. Despite the backlash she received online, Demaiter stands by her decision to share the photos and continues to promote body positivity on her social media platforms. 👏
  5. Demaiter is also a volunteer with the Canadian Mental Health Association and advocates for mental health awareness. 🧠

Mikayla Demaiter was born on May 14, 2000, in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. She graduated from Western University. 

She started her career in sports when she became a goalkeeper of the Bluewater Hawks in the Provisional Women’s Hockey League. In 2019, she decided to quit playing Hockey, and rumours had it that she had knee surgery, forcing her to stop being a hockey goalie.

After quitting sports, she entered the world of modelling. She became a professional model, and with her looks and personality, she gained massive success in the industry. 

With over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, Mikayla showcases new fashion in different locations. 

She is also active on Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, where she has millions of followers and mainly uploads dance and short lip-sync videos there.

Let us unlock the secrets behind Mikayla Demaiter’s success.

Mikayla Demaiter: The Rising Star in the World of Fashion and Influencer Marketing - Unlocking the Secrets Behind Her Success

Steady stream of content

In influencing marketing, it is essential to have a steady stream of perfectly created content. The content must always be high quality and original, and it should spark interest by keeping with the trends and avoiding similar content. For people to view you as an authority in a given subject, you must publish content regularly. 

With this, Mikayla’s secret behind her success is her steady content stream. She regularly posted her stunning photos and reels on Instagram, mostly about her modelling bikinis, sexy dress and shorts. With her Twitter, she also periodically posted witty tweets and photos almost twice a week.

Mikayla’s content, witty captions, and stunning photos with a beautiful backdrop, being shot in different locations, make her followers excited about her next posts. 

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Interactions with followers

Twitter says, “Rather than broadcasting to a giant group of people all at once, focus on answering individual questions or replying to content created by individuals in your core following.”

If the followers feel listened to, valued, and respected, they’ll probably become much more loyal —and encourage their friends and followers to follow you as well.

Mikayla Demaiter knows what to do best by interacting with her followers and answering their common questions. The best thing about Mikayla is she made her followers feel that they matter by replying to their comments on her social media profiles. She ensured she appreciated her followers, making them loyal to her.

Mikayla Demaiter: The Rising Star in the World of Fashion and Influencer Marketing - Unlocking the Secrets Behind Her Success 2

Publish top-tier content specifically tailored for the audience

Mikayla makes her audience happy with her content. In fashion, she made sure that she was physically stunning, had a well-toned physique, and a good taste in fashion. Her followers, both men and women, indeed admire her because of her increasing number of followers across different social media channels. 

Mikayla Demaiter may be a rising fashion and influencer marketing star, but she is thriving on her own. From a hockey player to a professional model to a social media influencer, Mikayla would surely soar high and succeed in her industry.   

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