If you are about to hop on a mountain adventure then, you will surely need mountain bike accessories. Sometimes you just go on adventures and you run out of some accessories like gear or fuel and then you realize that these things matter a lot. Mountain bike accessories are important tools that should be accompanied during your biking adventure. If you get stuck a half-mile away during your journey and you run out of some accessories, then it will be difficult to continue with the journey.

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If you are hoping for a long ride like 2-3 hours then, there will be some changes in the range of mountain bike accessories. It all depends on how long or short is your journey and depending upon the type and time the items will be changed. For example, if you are about to go for just 1-hour bike riding, then there are no worries about much fueling. The goal is to keep your items or bring them as light as possible but also be prepared if you are stuck with a problem during your bike ride on mountains. Discover more about which mountain bike accessories are necessary for your adventure.

List of Some Mountain Bike Accessories


Helmets Mountain Bike accessories
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Undoubtedly helmet is an important item that you have to carry out throughout your journey. As compared o traditional helmets, mountain bike helmet ensures complete safety and greater coverage. When you are about to go downhill mountain bike riding, then the full-face helmet is the only thing that is needed for this kind of adventure. This item will ensure extra protection for your chin, head, and mouth.
These days, convertible helmets are trending that come with full face covered. For steeper rides and increased safety buy a helmet that has MIPS technology and also better ventilation features.

Mountain bikers these days prefer protection from sun glare. Rides with GoPro are on the rise. So if the helmet comes with mounting action cameras along with ventilation and protection then you should surely buy them. One such brand helmet called Fox Flux fits into all these categories. Even at lower average speeds, it ensures full-face protection with good camera coverage and ventilation. You can shop the range of mountain bike accessories like helmets from Amazon.

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Pedals and Shoes

Pedals and Shoes Mountain Bike accessories
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Footwear is the most essential part of mountain bike riding. Continuing your journey without good-quality shoes makes your ride uncomfortable and prone to injury. For controlling and giving a performance, shoes are extremely important. The shoes are rugged to protect your foot and improve power transfer. You can also carry pedals as accessories with your trip. Pedals can be either clipped or flat the choice is yours depending on the type of ride journey.

Matching shoes with your pedals would be good. MTB shoes are trending because offers stiffer sole and good foot protection. Once you decided what type of pedals you would prefer and the type of journey is confirmed, then go for high-performance country shoes or mid-weight shoes.

Pads, Body Armour

5 Best Mountain Bike Accessories That you Need Along with Your Bike
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Pads for elbows, knees, and joints are very much essential during a mountain bike ride. They are chances where you might get injured during a ride and it is necessary to buy some branded body armor that ensures safety and protection. They come in varieties of sizes and some are plastic coated, while some are softer pads that are designed for specific trails. Velcro-based straps or BOA wires will also make your ride comfortable.

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5 Best Mountain Bike Accessories That you Need Along with Your Bike
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Mountain bike gloves are specifically designed to give you full finger protection from scratches, foliages, and falls. They ensure good handlebar control. Make sure you choose good quality full hand gloves that will give you spot-on fit and are also compatible with temperature.


5 Best Mountain Bike Accessories That you Need Along with Your Bike
Image Courtesy: bikeexchange.com.au

When you are on a bike, the chances of debris coming into contact with your eyes are high. So to protect your eyes, trustworthy and functional sunglasses are a must. They will protect you from harmful sunrays and scrubs when on high speed or a sunny day.

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