Cooling blankets are the kind of blankets that come to your rescue when you suffer from hot flashes. Whether it’s a broken air conditioner or summer is killing you with heat waves, cooling blankets will be your best companion. They can also be used for cooling you during your night sweats. It is a material that is worth the investment. Cooling blankets are light and breathable. They help to regulate your body temperature. They are often prepared with breathable high-quality material that instantly controls your hot sweats.

Highly effective cooling blankets, are made by good fabrics that absorb moisture and keep you cool throughout the night. According to bedding experts, these days blankets are designed with the latest cooling technology and will also match the style with your bed. But selecting the best cooling blankets will require a buying guide. A buying guide consists of customer reviews, brands, good research, and polling data. You should choose a blanket that will make you feel cozy and comfortable and not bein worry about your good night’s sleep. Our article has shortlisted some of the best cooling blankets to buy. Before that check out some tips to buy them.

Tips to Look for Buying Cooling Blankets

Cooling Technology

These days some blankets use the latest cooling technology. Several brands are focusing on storing the heat and regulating your body temperature. Go for 37.5 or outcast technology if you are looking for a techno-based blanket.


You should select fabrics that are breathable and absorb moisture quickly and will also make you sweat-free. Lyocell or polyester fabric blankets are perfect for cooling. Cotton-based cooling blankets are also very cool. Also, go for lighter material than the bulkier and heavy ones.

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Best Cooling Blankets

True Temp Blanket

True Temp Cooling Blankets

This perfectly filled blanked is designed with 37.5 technology that helps to keep the perfect accurate temperature at night. Comes with queen and king size in 3 different colors, true temp blanket removed humidity and moisture. For sensitive sleepers it is hypoallergenic. The standard 10- certification keeps families protected from harmful substances. The product will not wear out or wash out. It is washable but makes sure that you use a larger dryer. Matching sheets are also available with this cooling blanket and the material is filled with polyester but covered with cotton fabric.

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Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

Revolutionary Cooling Blankets

From children to adults it is suitable for all types of people. It is a double-sided fabric made from Japanese cool technology. It is made from 100 % pure cotton and available in 4 colors and 3 sizes and is perfect for your living room. During hottest summer nights you will surely experience a cooling effect due to cooling fibers. Temperature can be reduced quickly from 5 to 2 degrees. You can experience nice cozy sleep all night by wrapping up this cooling blanket. But make sure that it does not go into the dryer.

Coolmax Travel Blanket

5 Best Cooling Blankets That Will Keep You Cool in The Summers

If you are traveling via bus or any vehicle and heading to any summer destination and worried about how to get cooled then Coolmax will be an ideal blanket for you. It is perfectly suitable in an overheating atmosphere. The Coolmax fibers are knitted in a specified way that absorbs humidity to keep the temperature as cool as possible. You can carry them with ease while traveling too and they will get compacted in your suitcase.

Cumulus Comforter

5 Best Cooling Blankets That Will Keep You Cool in The Summers

It is a single comforter with a price of almost $200 made from Outlast technology. A polyester-filled material fabricated with a cotton cover will keep you secure and cool throughout the night combined with a deep good night’s sleep.

Chill Cooling Blanket

5 Best Cooling Blankets That Will Keep You Cool in The Summers

The blanquel brand has designed this weighted blanket. It reduces anxiety and makes you fall asleep covering with the cooler environment. According to customer reviews, most of them have experienced an instant cool feel when you wrap this blanket. Overall it’s a good blanket to buy.

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