Mobile technology keeps evolving significantly each and every day that the saying “There’s probably an app for it” continues to become truer as time passes by. Mobile applications have become so integrated into our lives that simply disconnecting ourselves from technology isn’t as simple a choice anymore. And that’s not a bad thing.

If you think you’re missing an app that can make some part of your life easier, we probably have it listed below. Considering the inherent popularity of Google’s tools, we’ve avoided Google Apps like Keep and Google Drive because they’re pretty much already awesome. Also on the list of apps avoided are evergreen apps that almost everyone uses like Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, and mobile games.

Mobile technology has become indispensible in our daily lives (Image Credits: Firmbee / Pixabay)
Mobile technology has become indispensible in our daily lives (Image Credits: Firmbee / Pixabay)


FBReader is simply one of the best ebook management apps you can get on Android. You could easily find yourself lost in wonder in it much like the bookstore and library of your dreams.

The great thing about FBReader is its self-organizational features that automatically populates your e-library. You can simply put all the ebooks you’ve amassed over time in a folder within your mobile device, look for the directory using the FBReader app, and enjoy your efficiently organized collection of ebooks.


There are many situations where you could find yourself needing your hands and eyes free from distraction but also wanting to finish that book on your reading list. What better way to solve both problems than by having a text-reading program like @Voice to turn your document into an audio book?

Reading an ebook but you’re currently about to go on a long drive? Load that ebook or pdf into @Voice so you can listen to it like an audio book. One of the key features of @Voice is a well-inflected reader voice which doesn’t make reading of the document significantly monotonous. A great app to have for any bookie that doesn’t have as much time to read the book that they want.

Opera Touch

Want to read a couple of articles you came across online during your daily commute but hate having to save the URLs in a cumbersome way every time? Opera has one of the smoothest solutions for your problem.

In conjunction with the Opera browser, Opera Touch allows you to tag websites you want to read for later which automatically get sent to your Opera Touch app on your mobile phone. The sharing function is not limited to web pages themselves, with the “My Flow” function allowing you to save key phrases by simply highlighting them, sending them to your flow, and accessing them on the Opera Touch browser.

Habit Tracker/HabitBull

Technically an activity journal, HabitBull streamlines the process of tracking your habits which you have found to be important to your life. The great thing about HabitBull is how it allows you to track both good and bad habits quickly and easily, making it actually fun to set up and use.

As a habit tracker, HabitBull can work well with fitness apps you may already have installed on your phone, while also taking care of good and bad habits that aren’t covered by the more specialized programs.
Simply put, this app is great for people looking to improve a certain aspect of their life or simply need a short reminder once in a while to pick up and practice a skill.

Run Pee

Have you ever been hit by the need to pee just as a climactic scene is unfolding in front you in the movie theater? It’s not like the cinema staff can pause the film or rewind it to the last moment you saw just for you. Thankfully, there’s finally a gamble-free solution for knowing when to take a pee break.

The Run Pee lets you know about the best times to take a pee break during a movie. You simply plug in the movie you’re about to watch into the app, the app tracks the duration of the movie which has already been seen by Run Pee’s volunteer movie watchers then notifies you when you can safely run to the wash room.

Smartphone with its screen lock turned on (Image Credits: stevepb / Pixabay)
Smartphone with its screen lock turned on (Image Credits: stevepb / Pixabay)


Evernote is just an amazing platform for anyone who needs to keep jotting down their thoughts. Accessible through both mobile and desktop, Evernote’s free package has everything you need to keep writing – including the capability to take audio notes – as long as you have the battery life and the mobile data to do so.

For those who want more interconnectivity for their note-taking, Evernote’s paid plans come in Premium and Business packages which allow integration with Google Drive, one-click note sharing, PDF annotation, and many more features. On its own, the Evernote app is a powerful tool that can benefit anyone regardless of trade and discipline.