Football is one of the most popular sports in the world but is also a very challenging and physically demanding asset for any aspiring athlete to undertake as their profession, with the NFL being the best and most widely coveted league that the sport has to offer, which also showcases some of the top athletes in the game right now on a regular basis.

NFL players are some of the strongest and most physically imposing humans on the planet today and throughout history, as these superstar talents must endure countless painful plays while on the gridiron no matter what position they play.

Some players are noticeably much slimmer or have a completely different build to other teammates as well as opponents, as these players have contradictory roles to take up when playing in action.

An obvious example is that Quarterbacks are usually nimbler or skinner than offensive linemen, defenders or even their teammates down field in wide receivers, as a QB’s job is to mentor the offense and pass the ball into different pockets to teammates.

Overall, every player has a unique role to play in an effort to ensure that their team can reach a pinnacle level of success in the game’s most storied league, with some of the NFL’s most recognizable players even taking up fitness regimes that can be replicated for anyone who is looking to get in shape and even to attempt to gain a similar build to some of their favorite NFL superstars.

  • Patrick Mahomes (QB) – Kansas City Chiefs:

While many QB’s are not necessarily known for their physical prowess or presence while in the pocket, besides a few exceptions such as Lamar Jackson or recent first round pick Anthony Richardson, many QB’s in the modern NFL are still reliant on their ability to stay healthy and posses great awareness as well as athleticism to escape their defensive adversaries.

One of the best players who perfectly personify this is recent Superbowl winning QB Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs who has taken the league by storm after being drafted back in 2017, with KC looking to win their third Lombardi trophy in just five years as they are the odds-on favorite in the latest Superbowl odds on DraftKings.

Mahomes’ workout routine mainly focuses around customized exercises that cater to his physical stature for the NFL level and the position he plays, with these including commonly used drills such as pull-ups, sprints and yoga, to much more convoluted exercises such as side bridge extensions, oblique twist, farmer’s walk, dumbbell chest press and other unique workout amenities.

One of the key aspects of Mahomes’ on-field play and production is his agility as he is usually able to escape defenders that may provide pressure on his O-Line, with his latest workout endeavors now often including on improving the mobility in his joints, hip flexor and legs as a way to ensure that his body is prepared to counteract any threat that the defense poses.

  • Christian McCaffrey (RB) – San Francisco 49ers:

One player that is often considered to be a true freak of nature even by the standards of the NFL is Niners running back Christian McCaffrey who is widely considered as one of the best players at his position and as a superstar name around the NFL.

While McCaffrey has suffered his fair share of injury setbacks since entering the NFL back in 2017 with the Carolina Panthers, CMC has been able to recover at a dramatic rate and return back to form as well as retain his physical peak no matter the setbacks.

His workout regiment is well documented as being one of the most specified in the NFL but is certainly one that most fans could replicate to a certain extent.

On a usual Monday, McCaffrey will focus solely on heavy lifting that even includes Olympic lifts and an agility workout as well as a 45 minute dynamic workout.

An average Tuesday workout is also a similarly challenging day of heavy lifts with running drills and a very sophisticated HIIT workout, with these drills including deadlifts and box squats.

CMC will use his Wednesday hours as a time for recovery to rest and preserve his body before he ultimately returns back into action with another set of multiple heavy lifting drills on Thursday which are almost reminiscent of the Monday schedule.

Ahead of gameday, McCaffrey’s Friday regimes are all centered around speed and conditioning as a means to ensure that his mechanics, reactions and energy are still at a top tier which allows CMC to dominant defenses on the gridiron as he looks to win his first Superbowl title in the Bay Area with a decorated 49ers roster.

While a majority of these workouts are certainly more challenging for the average person to undertake due to these being focused around the abilities and physical attributes of an NFL player, there is still plenty of assets that fans of the sport can use as a means to get healthy and improve their physique at a steady rate and become a much healthier person both physically and mentally.