The essence of Father’s Day is honoring the man who has always been on your side or helped influence your life from the beginning. But sometimes finding the perfect gift for the father that has everything is the biggest challenge.

But you shouldn’t overthink it. You know your father will appreciate anything you will give him. Even so, here’s a short list of perfect items that will certainly perk his attention and break a smile on your most important male figure.

Quilo 3-in-1 Tower Fan

This isn’t your ordinary household appliance. First off, the fan works also acts as a humidifier. That being said the fan reuses the water from the humidifier to create an evaporative cooling system. With the Quilo 3-in-1, you will have the feeling of the cool lakeside breeze on your face. The cooling system isn’t quite as powerful as an air conditioner but it will pump out significant positive results without the high electrical bills. The fan itself is chic and stylish uses an active carbon filter to trap dust and pollutants, preventing better air quality in your home. Dad will certainly be proud you were energy-conscious.

PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

You may have seen this unique accessory on Shark Tank and Discovery Channel. This actually an amazing little tool to add to your tech arsenal. It works really well and compatible with nearly every phone. Your phone actually compiles a lot of dirt — more than you realize from us touching so many surfaces throughout the day. You will place your phone in a silver-like capsule and close it. The PhoneSoap does the rest. It uses UV light to kill bacteria that accumulates on your devices. The results are astonishing as it almost seems like your is brand spanking new.
Image credit: Mashable

Fizzics Waytap Beer Dispenser

Your dad is most likely a big beer lover like most guys and this portable beer tap will bring joy to his eyes. The Fizzics draft beer system is revolutionary as it enhances the flavor of any beer style. You just need to buy the beer from the store (it could be cans or bottles) and place it in into the dispenser. The high-tech brew system uses micro-foam technology to make the beer tastes twice as fresh and smooth. It’s almost like you will have a personal tap system anywhere you go.
Image credit: Kickstarter

Beer Diagram Glasses by UncommonGoods

With all the beer your pops will have at his disposal, he will need a nice pint to pour it in to. The ones created by “UncommonGoods” is highly recommended. The pint has printed layers on it that list out the key ingredients of making a beer from hops to yeast to barley to water. The layers on the glass actually represent the steps in the process as well. So your father will have something to talk about to his friends and family as he engulfs the beer.
Image credit: UncommonGoods

eTape16 Tape Measure

The eTape16 is simple but essential for any father that likes to fix things. The electronic tape measure is simple to use and takes the guessing from measuring anything. You won’t have to worry about hitting your mark on wood because this tape measure does it all for you. The tape measure will display the exact length on top of the tape measure. You also have conversion capability and the tape measure is electronically spooled in and out.
Image credit: Sears

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

The one thing a dad does well is grill. And that’s why the smoker is something he will cherish for years to come. That’s because a smoking system is hard to come by — either it’s homemade, gigantic or lavishly expensive. This Weber smoker is straightforward and affordable (it runs for $299 on Amazon). You have the option of slow cooking your meats or you grill it. There are compartments for adding the smoke chips to make it easier for you to smoke the meats with any type of smoke flavors you prefer.
Image credit: Weber

Kingsnake Print iPhone Case By Gucci

Today there are so many sites that will create custom items to your father’s liking such as iPhone or smartphone cases. But Gucci’s Kingsnake printed case is too incredible to pass up. First off, it’s genuine leather. And the print itself imprinted individually on the case, making worth the $300 for the case. So it’s like having a piece of artwork right on your phone.
Image credit: Gucci

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Making your own hot sauce is a dream for any guy. But for your dad, it’s some serious business. It’s not all about the heat level. It’s about the flavors and spices. So this unique kit will supply all the necessary ingredients to making a perfect hot sauce. The geniuses from UncommonGoods provide six bottles and labels to help you make a small-batch hot sauce. The DIY kit has brown sugar, several types of pepper powders (from chipotle to guajillo) and vinegar to help complete the tastes.
Image credit: UncommonGoods

G4Free Portable & Foldable Camping Hammock

The early memories with your dad include many weekends going camping. So it’s perfect that you have given him a portable hammock set so when you two go camping again he could fall asleep in peace with the birds chirping above his head. The set even includes a mosquito net to keep away any pesky critters that may bug as he rests his eyes.
Image credit: G4Free

Baseball Stadium Prints by UncommonGoods

Sports will almost be the way to your father’s heart. This gift will marvel him as it uncommonly presents a different side to the baseball stadium. The framed blueprints offer a distinct aesthetic of each stadium (you’ll have the chance to pick them out). It’s an amazing piece of art. Each print list all the specs and dimensions for each stadium in the Major Leagues today.
Image credit: UncommonGoods

But no matter what gift you pick out for dad he will enjoy. Just don’t overthink anything. You know your father better than anyone on earth. You just need to trust your instincts when it comes to making your pops shed a tear.

Image credit: Steve Van Loy Unsplash

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