When it comes to six-pack abs workouts you often hear abs, crunches, and situps, but Pallof press is an exercise that you have rarely heard about it. Pallof press is an essential workout that helps to build core strengths and stronger abs. It involves anti-rotation movement that helps to develop a stable core. It tests an athlete’s stability and capacity of load pressure. If you want to master squats and deadlifts start by doing Pallof press every day. It is also known as Belly Press and was first introduced by John Palloff and hence the name.

Pallof press is an exceptional workout for twist and turns-based sports activity. It will surely become your favorite exercise if you like a functional workout. Including core muscles, Pallof press will shape and strengthen your abs too. It is much better and effective than 100 situps exercises. To resist rotation, it acts as an anti-rotation workout that instructs muscles around the spine. The exercise will surely help you to maintain mobility during load movements. Let us go through some important guides on how to do Pallof press and how will it benefit us.

How to do Standard Palloff Press

How to do Standard Palloff Press

You can do Palloff Press even at home if you have a resistance band and a steady pole. 

  1. Initially grab a resistance band and loop around a pole. Loop in such a way that when you pull the band, it should reach your chest level.
  2. The standing position of your body should be perpendicular to the stable pole or anchor point.
  3. Grab and curl the ends of the band with both your hands and pull it to your chest.
  4. You should step away from the stable point to feel the tension with the band.
  5. The next step would be by squeezing your shoulder blades, extending your arms and grabbing the band with both palms.
  6. You should feel that the band is pulling you towards your anchor point. Reach forward and pull back your body to the initial position.

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Pallof Press Variations

Half Kneeling Pallof Press

Half Kneeling Pallof Press
Image Courtesy: menshealth.com

When it comes to hip stability, a half-kneeling position is a key to strengthening it. With this form, your abductors, glutes, and hip flexors also get strong and flexible. The method of pulling the band towards your chest is the same as that you do in standard form. Except there is one difference you have to first kneel with one leg, pull the band with one hand and switch it with another leg. By changing position from one leg to two for kneeling, the balance is what you should focus on. You might become unstable while pulling the band. So make sure proper balance and a strong grip are performed during the kneeling version of the Pallof press.

Pallof Press with Overhead Reach

Stand on the floor with just a bit of distance between your feet. Slightly bend like a squat position. Grab the band from the pole with both hands and pull the band up to your chest level. From the chest extend your arms slowly overhead and bring it down back to your initial chest position. Do this movement around 5 times. It is a great variation to improve flexibility in your arms.

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Benefits of Pallof Press

Benefits of Pallof Press
  1. It is overall a great workout for professional lifters and athletes. While performing it, your glutes, legs and core muscles are actively getting engaged. 
  2. Also, when you push and pull the cable, the muscles in the upper part of the body get warmed up. So you can consider it as a simple exercise for a full-body workout.
  3. If you want to focus on anti-rotational strength then Pallof press is a suitable workout. Athletes need anti-rotation skills for their movements and they can surely try to incorporate this exercise into their regime.
  4. Six-Pack ab is a dream for most gym enthusiasts and bodybuilders and many younger generations. So Pallof Press is one of the easiest and quick effective workouts to build your six-pack abs.

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