You started working out, you feel great, but minutes later you are totally out of control. It happens to anyone. The struggle is so real, you feel exhausted just after a couple of minutes of workout. It’s not the first time happening to you, and you keep asking yourself “Why?”. 

Possible Reasons Your Workouts Are Low

  1. Bad Sleep, All Stressed

Stressful days and bad night’s sleep can tank your workout sessions. If you are struggling with your workouts, you might want to take a look at the last weeks in your life, and how everything’s been going. Have you eaten regularly, sleep enough, or did you stressed a lot and dealt with insomnia? Because if the answer is yes, then you’ve already solved the mystery. 

It’s important to remember that working out requires plenty of rest and food. Stressing your body over and over again, whether because of lack of sleep, your job, or relationships, might take a toll on you. That’s why you find it so hard to focus on your workouts. 

Take notes on how you feel on each workout, how much you stress, what you eat, and how you sleep at night. If you are regularly deal with lots of stress, then it’s no wonder why your workouts are miserable. 

Did you know that red pine needle oil delivers amazing properties to the human body? When consumed daily, it might potentially help you with:

  • Inflammation
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  • Vitality
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Red pine needle oil is a traditional product used for over 4,000 years. Red pine needle oil comes from Pinus densiflora needles, as you might confuse it with pine nut products. And because it works on boosting the immune system and energy levels, it might help you complete your workouts effectively. Don’t forget to eat healthily, and drink plenty of water daily, to keep yourself hydrated.  

5 Possible Reasons Why You’re Feeling So Lethargic During Your Workouts
  1. Too Much Workout

If you feel dead after each workout, sooner or later, it might catch you up. If you push yourself too hard or don’t allow yourself to rest between your workouts, chances are that you will feel exhausted the next day. You need to slow down a bit – give yourself enough time to recover after your workouts. Don’t do more workouts in a day. You might even get injured if you get stubborn to push yourself to your last piece of limit. 

  1. Are You Working Out in an Effort to Lose Weight? (You might do it wrong)

Most people work out because they want to be good-looking, and live a healthy life. But in order to burn calories and lose weight, you must consume enough calories. Carbs seem to be the number one enemy in people trying to lose weight – did ever wondered why? Carbs are essential, as they fuel your workouts and actually help you burn fat

If you are struggling with your workouts, be sure to increase your calorie and carbs intake, and avoid too strict diets. You might get the opposite results. Generally, women need around 1,200-1,400 calories/day to have enough energy levels, while men should consume 2,000-2,500 calories/day. 

5 Possible Reasons Why You’re Feeling So Lethargic During Your Workouts
  1. Muscle Fatigue

At the beginning of a workout routine, your muscles might feel strong, and robust. But as you repeat movements, your muscles might begin to feel tired. This can be associated with muscle fatigue. It’s a symptom that lowers your muscle abilities to perform well over a period of time. It’s also called “a state of exhaustion”, often occurring after strenuous exercises. When experiencing muscle fatigue, you might feel forceless and weaker. 

Muscle fatigue is common amongst people who work out regularly. 

Common causes of muscle fatigue:

  • Dehydration
  • Anemia
  • Lack of exercising
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Medications
  • Poor sleep
  • Medical condition 

If you have difficulties in performing your normal workout routines, it might be wise to have a look at your symptoms. If needed, seek medical care. It could indicate a health condition that might need to be treated right away.

  1. Your Medication Could be a Cause

Taking certain medications could increase your heart rate. So, when exercising, you might feel exhausted, as you don’t have enough blood to pump in the brain. Read carefully the labels on your medication. If you constantly feel tired because of your meds, your doctor might prescribe you something else. Don’t stop taking your treatment unless your doctor advises you to. Also, working out with a professional trainer who knows everything about your health might help you change your exercises, so you won’t feel tired and weak all the time.