The midsize Pontiac G6 sedan joined the Pontiac car lineup in 2005 to replace the aging Grand Am. It’s a big improvement over the rental car fleet-friendly “Bland Am” and, for 2006, Pontiac made it even better by adding coupe and convertible body styles and performance-oriented GTP trim. The Pontiac G6 is the third production car to be used by General Motors’ Epsilon platform, but most new car buyers will never see the resemblance of the family. If it seems that the G6 looks a little bigger than its stablemate, the Malibu, that’s because the Pontiac car benefits from the extended version of the Epsilon platform used for the Malibu Maxx car.

This long-wheelbase platform provides two main benefits—more rear-seat room and better handling. The extra length makes for a really big back seat, and passengers will enjoy a lot of legroom. The long wheelbase also helps the Pontiac G6 to deliver a smooth and stable ride.

Style of the Pontiac G6

All body styles are suitable for family use, and the convertible is remarkable for its retractable hardtop, which can be opened or closed in less than 30 seconds with the touch of a button. As with most Pontiac cars, the Pontiac G6 is heavy on style, but this time the styling is bold yet clean with no plastic coating of Pontiac cars in the past. The standard 3.5-liter V6 offers just enough muscle to back up sporty looks, while the new GTP 3.9-liter V6 goes a long way towards re-energizing Pontiac’s performance-oriented image. Overall, the 2006 Pontiac G6 features a solid combination of bold design, a cavernous interior, and unique features, all at a competitive price.

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Pontiac G6 models

The four-door Pontiac G6 comes in three trim levels: base, GT, and GTP, while the coupe and convertible are either GT or GTP trim. The standard equipment on the base model includes air conditioning; power windows, locks, and mirrors; a 60/40-split rear seat; a CD player; and a tilting/telescoping steering wheel. The GT adds power-adjustable pedals, Monsoon’s eight-speaker sound system, rear spoiler, and alloy wheels. GTP adds a sports suspension, stability control, 18-inch wheels, and automatic climate control. Notable options include remote start, satellite radio, and chrome alloy wheels.

Overview of the Pontiac G6

Standard power for the Pontiac G6 sedan comes from a 2.4-liter, 167-horsepower four-cylinder. A 3.5-liter V6 with 201 hp is also available, and all GT cars have this V6 as their standard equipment. With either of these engines, a four-speed automatic transmission driving the front wheels is standard. The GTP model comes with a 240-hp, 3.9-liter V6 that can be paired with a standard four-speed automatic or optional six-speed manual transmission.

The Pontiac G6 rocks standard four-wheel disc brakes. Antilock brakes and traction control are standard in all but the base sedan. Head-protective side curtain airbags are optional for sedans only. The GTP has a standard stability control system. In the NHTSA crash test, the G6 sedan was awarded five stars (the best rating possible) for the protection of the frontal impact driver.

In terms of power, the Pontiac G6 four-cylinder engine compares favorably with the base engines of competitors but lacks refinement. The fuel-efficient 3.5-liter V6 offers a lot of low torque down for easy passing and merging, but can also get a bit thrashy at high speeds. 

Tips to follow to buy used Pontiac G6

1. Decide what you need

Looking for a decent car can be a daunting experience at best, but if you get into it without understanding what you’re looking for, you can get a lot more out of it than wearing it. An automobile is a huge investment, and the last thing you want is to end up wasting a lot of money on the wrong car.

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2. Dealer vs individual seller

There are two key approaches to purchase a used vehicle. You can either go to a used car store, or you can buy one from an actual dealer. If you prefer the latter, it is possible that you would have found it online. This means that you know very little about the person selling the vehicle, so you’re going to want to be extra careful about your tests and the questions you pose. Used car dealers sometimes get a bad name, but you will often get a decent price by buying them, and the advantage of using a dealership is that you can often get a warranty or return a vehicle if it doesn’t function.

3. Don’t forget to test drive

You’re never allowed to lease a car you’ve never driven. Make sure you give a test drive to the car before you buy it. Perhaps more than that, use the test drive and take it to the mechanic to get the car checked out. Get the mechanic search under the hood and a general sweep of the vehicle to make sure there are no major faults that might cost you later.

4. Do proper research

Once you’re staring at a vehicle, you’re going to want to study the particular make and model and this is also true for Pontiac G6. Check the reliability of the car’s blue book, to see how much a car worth a lot of miles. If the vendor charges a much higher price, you may want to search elsewhere. They can, however, be open to negotiation.

5. Milage of the Pontiac G6

Before you can study the vehicle, you’re going to want to know its mileage, because you can equate it to other vehicles of the same era. Highly high or low mileage could be reflective of something else, so be sure to inquire why this is the case if you encounter a strange mileage.

6. Get details about accident and service history

A car may have decent mileage but had a very rough journey. Quire about the history of the vehicle in terms of how many injuries and repairs have happened in the car. It will allow you to know if there are any chronic issues that will recur in the future.

7. Estimate the price

When it comes to buying used cars, the original selling price is rarely the actual. Based on what you’ve found through testing, you should be well-positioned to deliver a lower price than that given. But don’t get too carried away, since not everyone is out to cheat you off!