Instagram starlet Abigail Ratchford has a six-figure income and a celebrity-rich inner circle. She attributes all of her success to her amazing curves and drive for perfection. But, we wonder, how does Abigail train those mesmerizing curves? Short answer: as a rule, she doesn’t.

The Significance of Genetics to Body Composition

We all have natural, God-given strengths. Some have great spatial memory and others the ability to persuade. Still, others have gifts that are a lot easier to see, and in today’s social media crazed world, those are the ones that get massive attention.

Abigail Ratchford is one of the latter. However, does this mean that she just stumbles through life looking like $200,000 per year? No. Despite her ample blessings, Abigail does have to work to attain the perfection that her loyal fans expect from her on social media.

Abigail Ratchford

Let’s take a look at Abigail’s secrets to an InstaPerfect body.

Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition

“Amazing bodies are made in the kitchen,” is an oft-repeated statement in the health and fitness industry. Being fit with great musculature doesn’t benefit your appearance if that muscle is covered by body fat. Furthermore, a person who is not eating well, will not be able to meet the day’s stress, let alone fuel a strong metabolism.

It is true that bodies like Abigail’s are considered attractive partially because they DO have some significant body-fat; yet, there is a balance to maintain here.

Abigail tells Muscle and Fitness magazine that she loves green juices and smoothies. “Sometimes I’ll put some protein powder in (them) in the morning. I feel like the mix of vegetables, and vitamins and stuff that’s in them really gives me a lot of energy.”

Resistance Training

“To be totally honest, I hate working out by myself,” Ratchford tells Women’s Fitness. I try to work out three times a week.”

Ratchford further tells Muscle and Fitness, “Initially, I made the mistake a lot of girls do and I was only doing cardio. I just really didn’t see too much change in my body. I’ve been doing resistance training, circuit training, and also Pilates, I feel like that keeps you long and lean.”

The Importance of Moderation to Abigail Ratchford’s Curves

“I think the times that I feel like I’ve been able to lose weight is when I don’t really think about it and I just live my life. I eat healthily, and I’ll splurge every once in a while,” Ratchford tells Women’s Fitness.

These are wise words from Abigail. A moderate diet enables a person to feed their body appropriately, maintain a more ideal body composition, and maintain a healthy balance indefinitely. When one errs on the side of extreme measures, the body will fight back and the result is often a step toward unhealthy body composition. This is because stress-induced cortisol release can easily lead to weight gain, around the middle in particular.

Abigail Ratchford’s Ideal Image is “Tuned”

Almost anyone can make their photos look like an entirely different perfected, glamorous person. Apps such as FaceApp and FaceTune in addition to just knowing how to exploit angles and lighting make it easy to change one’s appearance.

Filters Are an Instagrammers BFF

People can easily spot heavy filtering as white-washed features in a photo. We’ve all learned to expect heavy filtering when the subject appears to have “dog ears” or “Bambi antlers.” However, a good application or software is not so easy to recognize. Subtle changes can create massive differences in the appearance of a starlet’s features, body shape, body size, and body composition.

InstaPerfection has become a hotly debated topic. What people choose to portray themselves as is really up to their discretion. The issue is that for other, often younger and more impressionable people, the multitude of flawless faces and bodies adorning social media give the impression that perfection is not only attainable but widespread. It is the viewer who is in the minority with their visible imperfections.

On this front, Abigail is open about her use of FaceTune when talking with Cosmopolitan magazine, “I’ve always perfected my photos before I put them in front of 8 million people,” she says. “I just feel like you always want to put your best face forward on social media,” she says.

Artificial Enhancements

While Abigail’s genetics and personal approach to diet and fitness work together for her, she is as upfront about artificial enhancements as she is about filtering during her interview with Cosmopolitan.

How Does Abigail Ratchford Train Her Curves?

She receives CoolSculpting treatments for her arms and legs, lip fillers, Botox, spray tans, and hair extensions to achieve her perfect looks. All in she reports spending about $2500 per month on the various maintenance treatments she partakes of.

Abigail Ratchford The Perfect Storm of Beauty and Sex Appeal

Abigail Ratchford is the perfect storm of genetics, moderation, and physical as well as technological enhancements. She is amazing to behold; however, her image is intended for entertainment purposes only.

“I’m in no way somebody to look up to for body stuff,” she tells Cosmopolitan, “When you see this image, it’s been altered, it’s been perfected. This is not real life … embrace what you have, and go with it.”

Sound sentiment from this beauty who charges $8500 per Instagram post.