Celebrating anniversaries is as important as celebrating the wedding itself, claims Focus on the Family. Many experts that study relationships agree with this, and it’s easy to see why.

An anniversary is a milestone and acknowledging those is essential to understand the progress you’ve made over the years. This celebration can help ‘renew’ and strengthen your relationship. Therefore, it’s vitally important to plan your anniversary date with care.

1.     Revisit the place where you first met

Recreating your first date or a wedding is a rather ‘standard’ anniversary practice. However, did you really meet on your first date? What’s more special to you, the place where you’ve first had a romantic dinner together or the place where you’ve first seen the love of your life and realized ‘this is it! I’ve got to get that girl!’? Did you even tell her a story of how and when you came to that conclusion?

Now is your chance to tell (or retell) your love the story of how she captured your heart and soul. Reminiscing over that moment is sure to bring up other beautiful memories of your courtship. In fact, you should have fast-acting male enhancement pills on hand for this night.

Those memories will definitely lead to you two recreating some more sensual experiences of those times.

Considering the benefits of sex after 50 for your relationship (Psychology Today) it should always be in the plans for your anniversary date. This will boost the marriage-strengthening power of the celebration.

2.     Enjoy a day of spa heaven

It’s quite the cultural stereotype that relaxing at a spa is a stable for a girl’s day out. However, everyone enjoys getting pampered, and doing this together with your love is a great way to celebrate your anniversary.

Make this day most special by booking into the most luxurious spa resort you can. All you need to do after that is simply relax and enjoy yourselves to the fullest. Be sure to mention that this is your big day celebration when booking as these businesses often provide special services for such events.

3.     Spend a day giving

Helping others makes you happy, so say many studies and Huffington Post. Therefore, sharing your happiness around on your special day is a great way to celebrate it. This will also allow you both to go to sleep with a smile because you’ll know for sure that you managed to make the world a better place.

You can achieve this in many ways. For example, spend the day volunteering at a local charity or shelter. You can also make a contribution to the cause you both support instead of buying gifts for each other. Consider celebrating by holding a charity event and donating the money afterward. You should come up with these plans together as it’s essential to focus on the cause that you are both passionate about.

4.     Visit a theme park

When was the last time you’ve been to a theme park? The chances are, it’s been way too long. Your next anniversary date might be the perfect chance to change this.

Theme parks don’t become less fun as you grow older. In fact, you might discover new amazing things about them if you go there as a much more wise and experienced person. Even if some of the wilder rides don’t appeal to you now, people watching will make up for them.

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