The days of briefcases and messenger bags seem like centuries ago. Today’s society has gravitated to the backpacks more than ever before. Herschel Supply Co., a retail backpack company, has become as popular as Gucci and Prada. The business world has all gone from leather briefcases to wearing backpacks, and the fashion world has offer stylized backpacks to compliment the nifty clothing line. Picking out that black Jansport at Walmart is long gone.

If you are struggling to find the backpack that fits your style, then you should look no further. We have curated a short list of the best backpacks for 2018 — and most of them are extremely affordable.

Herschel Supply Co. Two-Tone Backpack

These Backpacks Will Transform Your Wardrobe Forever

Look all around the internet and visit stores like Urban Outfitters and you will notice one thing: the absence of this Herschel backpack. The two-tone edition has been so popular that it’s been sold out for some time. That’s because the backpack is a colorful meshing of beauty. The fluorescent pink and red with a durable polyester composition is the “It” choice for 2018.

AS2OV Cordura Span 600D Day Pack

These Backpacks Will Transform Your Wardrobe Forever

On the surface, the design looks pretty basic. But the history of this backpack goes way beyond basic. The Cordura nylon is developed independently by two kinds of threads: Cordura yarn and nylon yarn. The unevenness of the two fabrics creates such a durable and unique feel. The backpack itself is spacious and comes in five colors. It’s perfect for that day trip through the city.

Armani Jeans Zipped Backpack

These Backpacks Will Transform Your Wardrobe Forever

This blue, 100-percent polyester backpack is straight-forward but will enhance anything you wear. The gleam from the polyester makes it appear like it’s a wind-breaker — an intentional designer trick. The ergonomics of the bag is surprising good as its quite large with multi-sections for proper organization. And for the price of $79, the backpack is more affordable than most high-end backpacks (if you visit, then you will find it for $48).

Patagonia 28L Refugio Backpack

These Backpacks Will Transform Your Wardrobe Forever

Patagonia is typically known for its camping equipment but they also produce some of the top-of-the-line backpacks. This midsize classic edition is perfect for daily life in urban settings like New York and Los Angeles. The Refugio works on two main compartments — one for external stashing and the other for protecting your electronics. The exterior stash pockets are for smaller items and there are pockets for water bottles. The design itself its quite uncomplicated and simple so don’t expect to make waves with the design.

Adidas Originals Backpack

These Backpacks Will Transform Your Wardrobe Forever

An oldie but goodie, the Adidas Originals backpacks are various types of styles that conjure an old-school feels. The majority of these backpacks use simplicity to give you style points. The Classic Backpack edition comes in either aqua blue or fluorescent orange. There’s white lining around the exterior of the backpack and the appearance is super appealing. There are one exterior pocket and a laptop sleeve in the main compartment.

Poler Rucksack 3.0

These Backpacks Will Transform Your Wardrobe Forever

This backpack weaves the favorite rucksack design with a modern feel. The biggest changes to the classic design is a more spacious internal laptop compartment. Then there’s large top pocket and two side accessory pouches that are perfect for hiking. The originality of this rucksack is that it comes in sleek, artsy designs such as camouflage.

Rains Field Backpack

These Backpacks Will Transform Your Wardrobe Forever

In those bad weather days, this is the backpack that you need. The Rains Field Backpack is waterproof to protect your laptop and other electronics. It also remains stylish to keep you looking good when the skies are glum. The backpack itself is made up of two pockets: the main compartment with a 13-inch laptop sleeve and an outer pocket.

Dolce & Gabbana Nylon Backpack

These Backpacks Will Transform Your Wardrobe Forever

Now if you are looking for total luxury with muted features, then this Dolce & Gabbana backpack is the one for you. Retailing for $1,375, the backpack’s fine details are carefully considered and designed with a purpose. The backpack itself is great for laptops and carrying important papers for business meetings. But this isn’t for daily use so be selective when pulling out this ultra-special backpack.

Berluti Volume Large Leather Backpack

These Backpacks Will Transform Your Wardrobe Forever

It may seem silly for the price point but just think of it a briefcase that you wear on your back. The Berluti leather backpack is a brown luxe leather and goes for a whopping $3,550. Of course, your laptop and electronics are perfectly secure. Just don’t leave this bag in the car — or anywhere for that matter.

Don’t be superficial and purchase a bag that looks good. A backpack should not only fill your creative style but your comfort and organizational level as well. You should look at all the specs and the pictures — both in and out — that backpack offers before you click “buy” online.

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