Let’s face it, it’s never easy to find that perfect scent. Especially for men. What scent is manly enough, yet not too manly? Will this scent overpower my date’s perfume? Well, after a confusing, lackluster experience at Sephora trying to find his own signature scent, engineer-turned-businessman William Yin had an epiphany. "There must be other guys out there who want to smell good, but avoid this store experience," he thought. And that is how Scent Trunk initially began.

Scent Trunk is a personalized fragrance company that delivers your own custom-made scent to you directly every month. How does this work exactly? The process starts when you order a free at-home test kit, which includes six unique tiny bottles of different fragrances. After you’ve chosen your favorite fragrances from the six, your choices online and the company will then send you a customized fragrance made by Scent Trunk specialist. If you’re not in love with the fragrance they send you, just send it back and they will replace it with another option. Each month the company will send you the same fragrance, or you can switch it up any time you want.

In the days of online shopping where picking out a new coat or swimsuit is as easy as a click of a mouse, this seems like a no brainer when it comes to the busy man who can’t be bothered to spritz himself with countless options in the department store.

"Scent Trunk is ideal for any guy who cares about their appearance and their individuality – and who don’t want to smell like everyone else. We put so much thought into how we dress, yet it’s actually our scent that is more memorable (science!). We believe that fragrance is the ultimate accessory," says Yin.

So who is the ideal Scent Trunk man? According to Yin, "Scent Trunk is ideal for guys who hate going to the store to purchase their cologne or the guy who doesn’t know too much about what scents they like or dislike. The test kit and our scent specialists make it easy for any guy to get an amazing fragrance."

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