It’s summer and what that means is it’s time to get in shape for the beaches! If you haven’t worked out in the winter because you were too busy hibernating, that’s okay. These five techniques will have you ready to hit the beach in no time. With countless sources telling us what to do to get the best summer body, these are the tips that will help rev up your workout routine so you’re ready and fit for summer.

1. Push-up and Alternating Dumbbell Renegade Row

This workout blasts multiple body parts with one single move. Your upper body, which includes your chest, triceps, shoulders, back and core will be beach ready after completing 3-5 sets of 12 alternating rows. How many pounds should the dumbbells weigh? Select a challenging-yet-doable weight, on average between 25 and 40 lbs.

Tips for this portion of the workout:

A) Pro Wristwrap Gloves from Harbinger protect your hands with comfortable padding as you balance and support your bodyweight on the dumbbells.

B) Harbinger’s Red Line Wristwraps is a great alternative for those looking to develop tougher palms, yet still, provide excellent wrist support.

2. Deadlift with Barbell Row

The posterior chain, which includes the hamstrings, glutes, low/mid/upper back, is sometimes neglected yet very important. This part of the workout is will help with that. Put the barbell on the weight of your body and strength level and complete a 1-1 alternating deadlift-to-barbell row count for 10 reps each, 3 sets total.

As a suggestion, the 6“ Padded Leather Belt by Harbinger provides the proper core and back support in order to get the results you want. Also, Harbinger’s 4“ Nylon Belt is a lightweight and breathable alternative to wear throughout the entire workout. This is especially great for cross trainers who seek steady support in general.

3. Grip Strength Training

Strong forearms, wrist, and fingers contribute to overall grip strength and necessary to complete the sets prescribed above–or enjoy a beer by the water. Also, when picking up heavy things, it does contribute to completing certain tasks. Do not underestimate the little things because they end up being the bigger things.

According to Lon Kilgore, Ph.D., one of the authors of Practical Programming for Strength Training, an average male novice will deadlift approximately 133% of his total body weight, an intermediate male will lift approximately 150% of his body weight and an advanced male will dead lift at least 210% of his body weight on average.

4. Farmer’s Walks (also known as Loaded Carriers)

Set a timer for 30 seconds, get two heavy dumbbells and walk. Your calves, quads, core, back, forearms and shoulders will feel every step as they work hard to stabilize your body and balance the challenging load. Rest for 30 seconds and complete 10 life-changing rounds.

The core muscles are challenged here. Your core will get stronger and a tighter core gives your arms and legs a more powerful foundation for running fast, throwing hard, and performing heavy lifts. Moving also rocks your lats while improving one’s grip strength and shoulder stability. Harbinger’s Padded Leather Lifting Straps will allow you to grip the weight tighter, increasing tension in your core muscles.

5. L-Sit Chin-Ups

This may seem like the most challenging part of this exercise. The L-Sit Chin-Up assaults the core blasts the biceps and attacks the back. For this exercise, you must be doing 3 solid sets of 10-15 reps.

To challenge yourself even further, you can wear [Harbinger’s 20LB Weight Vest(, which adjusts to progressive training for your body to maximize mobility and range of motion as you hang from the chin-up bar.

Each of these exercises serves a purpose for the most body parts. These lists of techniques were suggested by Men’s Health Magazine by Harbinger. Get your gear on, call up your friends and try these workout sessions. You’ve got lots to do!

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