Shazam 2: The Fury of Gods really made the gods furious with its recent performance. In recent times, the DC universe has been in a state of uncertainty. While there were hopes that Shazam and its lead actor Zachary Levi would be a successful pair to carry on into the future, those hopes may not come to fruition.

Shazam 2: Fury Of The Gods

The reviews for the sequel, Fury of the Gods, have been disappointing, with a score of only 53%, ranking it among the lowest in the DCEU, just above the likes of Suicide Squad, Batman V Superman, Justice League, and Black Adam, which only scored 39%. However, the audience scores are better, with an 87% rating and a B+ CinemaScore.

Despite this, the box office returns have been lackluster. The film is projected to only make $30 million over the weekend, well below its projections and the original Shazam’s $53.5 million opening. The lackluster performance is particularly concerning for a mainstream superhero movie in either the Marvel or DC universes.

Shazam’s Popularity Is One Of The Problem

So, what is the reason for the film’s poor performance? Firstly, the DC universe is going through a transitional phase, leading to confusion about the current canon and its direction. Secondly, Shazam is less well-known and popular than other DC superheroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or Aquaman (How is Aquaman compared to other heroes movies). Lastly, the film’s lack of appeal and uninspiring look may have contributed to its poor performance at the box office.

'Shazam 2: The Fury Of Gods' A Big Disappointment

Initially, many had expected that Shazam would have an epic showdown with his rival, Black Adam, but that did not come to pass. Instead, Shazam was forced to fight lesser villains, which might have contributed to the movie’s lackluster appeal.

In contrast, Black Adam performed better at the box office, earning over $67 million in its opening weekend, more than double Fury of the Gods. Even with its flaws, Black Adam’s performance has prompted concerns about whether Shazam has any future in the new DC film/TV era.

Despite the poor performance of the new Shazam movie, there is still a glimmer of hope for the character’s future. This hope arises from the fact that James Gunn, who happens to be a close friend of Zach Levi, has the freedom to execute any creative vision he may have for the character. Gunn has already expressed his appreciation for the latest Shazam movie, and this could pave the way for Levi’s character to make appearances in other productions, even if a third Shazam movie is not greenlit. Therefore, despite the current state of affairs, there is still a possibility for the beloved superhero to make a comeback in some form or the other.

Why James Gunn Is The Best News For DCEU?

In Conclusion…

In conclusion, while there were hopes that The Character of Zachary Levi would be one character/actor pair to survive the transition from the DCEU, the film’s poor reviews and lackluster box office returns have cast doubts on that prospect. The film’s underperformance includes the DC universe’s transitional phase, The character’s lack of popularity compared to other DC superheroes, and the film’s uninspiring look. The character’s future remains uncertain, but the hope lies in James Gunn, who can potentially revive Shazam in some other production.