Shooting has long been a competitive sport but even if you have no plans to start shooting in competitions, it is still a lot of fun. Firearm ownership is massive in the US.  It is deeply ingrained in US society, with the Second Amendment giving Americans the right to bear arms. Current statistics say around 30% of US adults claim to own a gun and 25% of adults live in a household with a gun.

Whether you own a gun for personal security or hunting, it’s worth considering shooting sports as a recreational activity. If you are still on the fence about shooting sports, here are some excellent reasons to give them a go.

What are Shooting Sports?

Shooting sports cover a range of shooting activities. These include shooting for accuracy, speed, and precision. It doesn’t just mean using guns either. Shooting sports also cover crossbows and traditional bows as well as small and larger firearms.

Clay pigeon shooting is popular with novices. Some shooting sports are also combined with other sports, such as the shooting section of a biathlon, where competitors do a combination of cross-country skiing and target shooting.

Once you have chosen your sport, shop for the equipment you need. When it comes to ammunition, learn more about the types of cartridges and other ammo, so you know what makes them different.

Shooting for Fitness

Using firearms for sports is a good workout. Shooting accurately requires a combination of strength, stamina, and hand-eye coordination. Some guns are heavier than others, but even small firearms regularly will increase your arm and shoulder strength. Shooting accurately means balancing your arm and upper body, which relies on core strength and good posture.

Walking between targets, especially outdoors when shooting clay pigeons or natural targets like pinecones or even animals, is good for your overall fitness. You may have to cover considerable distances if you are hunting, and carrying a heavy rifle will boost your fitness level.

Boost Your Self-Discipline

Do not underestimate the benefit of self-discipline. A lot of self-discipline is needed to be successful at shooting sports. You will have to spend time learning a good technique, as well as a lot of hours practicing shooting. Most successful shooters devote a lot of time and energy to the sport, and if you want to be good at it, you will need a routine.

For people that struggle with self-discipline, shooting sports are a good choice.

Improved Concentration

Are you the type of person that flits from one thing to another, unable to concentrate on anything? If so, shooting could be a good sport for you. There is a lot to think about when shooting, whether at a target or an animal. Factors like wind speed, the weight of the weapon, its recoil, finger placement, and your breathing pattern can all affect the final shot. To adjust your shot, you need to have a good level of concentration. Otherwise, your shot is likely to be off target.

A person’s natural ability makes no difference if their head is not in the game. Remember this when taking up shooting as a sport.

The Feel-Good Factor

Shooting, like any sport, has a significant feel-good factor. Shooting is often a social sport, where people get together to shoot clays, go hunting, or hang out shooting targets in their backyard. You can hone your skills in the company of friends. In addition, shooting tends to increase levels of adrenaline, which is a good way to boost your natural energy supplies. And like most sports, it can increase the body’s level of serotonin, which is nature’s feel-good chemical.

Shooting sports are a lot of fun, so give them a try this year.