Are you trying to build some muscle gains but hardly seeing any results? You could be sabotaging all your efforts because you have poor planning or you are lacking in knowledge about bodybuilding. Here are five of the most possible reasons why you are not making any progress in achieving your dream physique.

You Might Be Doing Too Much Cardio

Too much cardio will kill your muscle gains. Just keep yourself in a steady state for a regular cardio session, maybe just 30 minutes per day, and just do a few laps in the pool, or 30-minute jogging. Cardiovascular exercises burn more calories than strength and weight training, so if you’re doing a lot of cardio, make sure you refuel and replenish your body appropriately. Also eat a lot of carbs and protein throughout the day to keep your gains and don’t lose your progress.

Is Cardio Killing Your Gains?

Never skip your cardio, just know when and how much cardio you need while maintaining your gains. Always remember that cardiovascular exercises are also important because it helps to build a stronger cardiovascular and respiratory system. Sweating a lot also helps in a lactic acid clearing which can help your body to lift weights longer, reduce your blood sugar levels, and reduce the salt and toxins in your body.

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You Are Afraid of Having Rest Days

You have to let your body heal from the training that you’ve been doing all week. Your muscles need a chance to desensitize and get some muscle gains. If you push your brain too hard at work, you burn out, it’s the same with your body. Every bodybuilder needs adequate rest and sleep, at least 6-8 hours a night, and doesn’t work out vigorously for more than five days a week. Too much training can cause a lot of stress in your body and it can cause too much cortisol that can also affect your testosterone levels.

You're Killing Your Gains With This Bad Habits - 2023

It’s also important to know that you will not have any muscle gains while you’re using it because it’s too focused on working. Rest days can allow your body to grow to meet the demands being placed on the musculature during your training days. It was possible to achieve significant muscular growth by stimulating muscles without rest days, but it’s much easier to achieve that muscular growth if you allow for a day between workouts to recover and rest.

You Are An Ego Lifter Or Have A Bad Form

If you want to build muscle, you need to use a weight that is just heavy enough to stimulate your muscle growth. But if you’re an ego lifter and have a very bad form while doing your exercise, this can kill your gains.There are also a lot of misconceptions that if you want to get bigger then lift heavy, which is so wrong.

You're Killing Your Gains With This Bad Habits - 2023

Ego lifting could impede your strength and muscle gains. Even though you’re lifting heavier weights, your body may not be executing the proper range of motion and stretching of the muscle, which is required to gain strength and lean mass while preventing muscle imbalances.

Ego lifting is also very dangerous because it literally could kill you, especially if you are ego-lifting weights for deadlifts and bench presses, this is the worst way to break your back and neck

You Are Not Getting Enough Nutrition

If you’re trying to get bigger and stronger muscles, training is the key. Working out leaves micro-tears in your muscle tissue (muscle protein breakdown). Muscle protein synthesis is the process of creating protein to repair microdamage in your muscles and create even bigger and stronger muscle tissue. And your body isn’t able to make that new muscle tissue out of nothing. To have muscle gains you need to eat the right nutrients in your body to construct muscle.

You're Killing Your Gains With This Bad Habits - 2023

Lifting and doing strength training without adequate nutrition, especially without enough protein, can lead to the loss of muscle tissue instead of gaining muscles.If you manage to have a lot of protein but not enough calories and carbs, you’ll struggle to be able to workout to build more muscle the next day. And If you eat enough calories and carbs but you’re not getting enough protein, your body won’t be able to build up muscle tissue and will gain body fat instead.

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Lack Of Consistency

Having consistency is the most important and biggest component when you’re working out to achieve your goals, even if it is in or out of the gym. Without consistency in everything you do, your progress will keep on stumbling and your body will have a hard time adapting to your irregular workout.

You're Killing Your Gains With This Bad Habits - 2023

Remember this quote by James Maxwell, he says, “Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.”