Short hairstyles for men have been in vogue for centuries. If you have any doubt, the Caesar cut named after the Roman Emperor should settle any disputes. 

In ancient times, it was a symbol of wealth and nobility to have long hair. However, it is said that the roman soldiers started cutting their hair before going into battle. This prevented their enemies from pulling their hair and gaining an edge. 

It was also said that the popularity of martial arts also had a significant impact on the short hair and clean-shaven look.

Box Braids Hairstyle for Men

In the modern age, the popularity of men sporting short hair can be traced to the onset of World War 2. The military was famed for its short hairstyles and even had a name of a haircut in its honor. 

Whatever the inspiration might have been for short hairstyles for men, it has become a favorite among the male populace all over the world. That is not all; short hairstyles have become a classic over the decades. 

In this post, we will discuss why short hairstyles for men will never go out of fashion

It Has a Timeless Look

short hairstyles for men classy suit

Unlike some hairstyles or fashion that is very much determined by trends, short hairstyles for men have a timeless look. Look at a photograph of someone in the military with a crew cut, and you wouldn’t be able to tell whether he is from the ’60s or the present day.

The only thing that stands to give away this detail is that the old photo will be in black and white. Modern short hairstyles have been upgraded with slight twists and variations, but they are firmly based on the classic styles.  Short hairstyles have a look that transcends the ages

It is Practical

Referring back to the soldiers, the short hair also prevented the spread of diseases when they were cooped up in close quarters for extended periods.  The induction cut is the actual term.

In modern days, this is not the case. However, the practicality of the short hairstyle still applies. It does not get in the way of any activity, which is why short haircuts are favored by those in sports, military, and those who lead an active lifestyle. 

It Suits All Face Types

As much as there are different types of personalities, there are different types of face shapes. Some types of hairstyles typically work for best for some face shapes but look weird on some. 

However, the short hairstyle is a hairstyle that suits every face shape. Whether you have an angular face, square, oval, or long face, the short hairstyle will work exceedingly well for you. 

This is partly due to the fact there are different types of short hairstyles for men. Apart from the classic buzz cut and crew cuts, there are a multitude of short hairstyles that are available for everyone. If you need help pairing a haircut with your face shape, read our article.

Short Hairstyles for Men Are Very Versatile

One of the many reasons that make short hairstyle a hit over the decades is its versatility. Not to mention, short hair cuts work with all face shapes. The short length is also easy to style for all face shapes.

Some hairstyles, such as the dreadlocks, do not work for those with thin and straight hair. But short hairstyles work perfectly from everyone with straight, flat, wavy, thick, or curly hair. 

A short hairstyle is also very accommodating when it comes to weather conditions. A styling product is all you need in the summer. When the temperatures drop, you can quickly put on a hat and feel comfortable. 

Short Hairstyles for Men are Easy to Maintain. 

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Some hairstyles inherently demand some level of upkeep and regular trips to the barber. But typically, short hairstyles do not require a lot of maintenance.

Initially, you will require getting a cut from the barber, but the rest you can style at home. If you have the essentials such as a comb and a styling product, you can easily style the hair at home. You do not need special skills or tools to achieve great looking hair within minutes. 

It doesn’t take ages to dry the hair, and you can walk out the door within a few minutes. This is not the case if you have long hair or a complicated hairstyle. 

Conclusion on Short Hairstyles for Men

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The short hairstyle for men is versatile, practical, and works well with everyone. The beauty of this hairstyle is that you can get the haircut from almost any barber who has a decent knowledge of haircuts for men.

They don’t get in the way of playing sports or performing other physical activities. This makes the hairstyle extremely convenient and practical. Irrespective of your age and profession, you will have a lot of fun sporting a short haircut, which is such a classic and has stood the test of time.