Everyone’s been there. You’re in an airport with your carry-on backpack on your back, your coat over one arm, your phone in one hand, your ticket and passport in the other, and you’re ordering coffee to go. When your coffee arrives, you’re suddenly scrambling. Where do you put everything? You don’t want your coffee to spill on your phone or important documents, and you don’t want to wear your coat because it’s bulky and the airport is warm. 

Enter BindBuddy — your perfect travel solution. It’s the lightweight device that operates on a catch and release system. It works with any bag strap and allows you to get to where you need to go hands and hassle free.

travel buddy

Here are the top 3 reasons that BindBuddy is your must-have travel accessory. 

#1: It’s hands-free

Both traveling and commuting hands-free is a game changer. Whether you need to receive phone calls, open and hold doors, purchase food and drinks, access a public transportation pass or handle something unexpected, having your hands available is an underrated perk. Travel hands free once and you’ll see the difference. Not having to worry about what to do with your stuff in the bathroom, coffee shop or at another stop is both comfortable and convenient. BindBuddy is your personal and sophisticated helper that’ll keep your jacket, blazer or coat within arms reach but out of your hands. 


#2: It’s accessible 

If you’re thinking, “Sure, BindBuddy sounds convenient, but why use it? I could just put it in my bag or use the built-in straps on the front of my bag,” then you’ve never experienced the true need for this type of accessibility. BindBuddy is designed to hook right to a strap by your hip. This means that you can reach it easily no matter how many other items you already have in your hands. BindBuddy is an option without having to stop and put everything down in order to place your jacket or blazer in your bag or clip it to the existing straps. It also hangs nicely to prevent wrinkles. 

#3: It’s simple

Let’s face it. When your travel day or commute is complicated by coffee, phone calls, paperwork, food, headphones, sunglasses or anything else you could possibly need, the last thing you want to worry about is carrying your coat over your arm. With no room in your bag and only one hand to store your coat, you need at simple solution. BindBuddy fits the storage niche you’re seeking. The simple catch and release design allows you to access your jacket or blazer whenever you need it but also allows you to stow it just as easily.                             

Help support BindBuddy 

Live your life hands and hassle free with BindBuddy. Once you try it, you’ll never go back! BindBuddy will soon launch on Kickstarter. We’d love to have your support! If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to visit us at www.bindbuddy.com and both our Instagram (@bindbuddy) and Facebook (www.facebook/yourbindbuddy.com) page.