There are tons of squat forms out there, but one of the controversial squat variations is the smith machine squat. If you are a beginner to strength training then you must prefer smith machine squat. However, there is a lot of debate going on whether the Smith Machine Squat will benefit or not. Some people agree that it is an excellent tool to improve your physique. Smith squat will help you add more extra muscles to your squats according to some fitness experts.

Smith machine squat is an ideal exercise if muscle mass is your prime goal. As compared to barbell squat smith machine attains rapid results. One major thing about squats is the form and maintaining accurate angles to achieve the best results. Here is where smith machine squat comes into the picture. The squat form will help you build perfect posture will strong leg muscles. The major difference point between other squat variations and smith machine squat is that in smith first the form is focussed and then how much weight should be lifted during the squat. Discover more about the smith machine squat its technique, its benefits and it is valuable or not.

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How to do Smith Machine Squat

How to do Smith Machine Squat

You should stand inside a smith machine to perform this workout and also get familiar with the machine with the presence of the instructor.

  1. The height of the smith machine squat bar should be adjusted according to your suitable shoulder height. 
  2. If you are a beginner start with just the bar without weights or plates.
  3. Once you become familiar then go on adding the plates.
  4. If you are a level more than a beginner then 10 pounds plate on each side is good to start.
  5. On the bar, your hands should be placed at a shoulder-width apart with palms being overhand grip.
  6. Place them on traps muscles.
  7. By putting weight on your heels and bracing your abs squat with your spine being in a neutral position.
  8. Your knees should pause at a 90-degree angle and then stand back to the initial position.
  9. Do this movement for 12 reps with sets of three for achieving good benefits.

Smith Machine Squat Target Muscles

Smith Machine Squat Target Muscles


A very good thing about smith machine squat is that you can directly focus on glutes by changing foot position. To activate your glutes muscles in much amount, you should place your foot in wide stance smith squat. This form will help to increase the full range of motion by taking pressure off the knees and hips. Also, note to squat deeply in the smith machine squat to emphasize your legs.

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Your leg’s position should be close to the center of gravity to activate your quad muscles. By doing this you can experience a depth in stretched muscles in your quads and increase your range of motion. Muscle isolation is achieved and your quads will also grow at a faster rate.


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The deeper your squat position the more active your erectors will be. Smith squat is surely a great muscle-building workout.

Should you do Smith Machine Squat or Not

Should you do Smith Machine Squat or Not

If your target is quads, then some fitness recommends doing a simple front squat or doing squats other than the smith machine. A high chance of carryover is sure if you do the same smith squat form with a barbell or free weights than the machine. Getting a strong body on the smith machine takes more time than other squat variations. The unusual feet position in the machine makes it prone to injury than the normal standard squat positions.

 Also, many people assume that Smith Squat gives less stress on joints. However, the foot position will decide how much stress will be causing you when you do the workout in the machine. Thus concluding about the debate, there is very little evidence that Smith Machine Squat will prove to be dangerous. It is the form that will decide whether Smith is harmful to you or not. So regardless if you are doing it accurately and cautiously you will achieve proper benefits from this workout.

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