If you want bigger biceps then preacher curl is the way to get it. Add this exercise to your daily regime if you want an overall full-body strength. Preacher curls add weightage to your curling routine workouts. They target the biceps differently. You can either do this exercise in the gym or at your home comfort if your house is well equipped with a preacher curl machine. A lighter weight is necessary for preacher curl than the bicep curl. 

The preacher curl is an isolated workout and is a variation of conventional bicep curl. A controlled movement is involved to support lifting in this exercise. They target brachialis and brachioradialis muscles. Before heading to grab the dumbbells or barbell it is necessary to make important tips to master the workout in the proper form. Also, constant tension should be maintained throughout the movement during preacher curl. The preacher bench will cause you to be in an unstable position, so getting your hand on equipment is also necessary to get used to this workout. Let us go through how to do preacher curl with proper form

How to do Preacher Curl

How to do Preacher Curl
  1. A preacher bench, pad and EZ bar are the necessary equipment to do a preacher curl workout. 
  2. Grab the EZ curl bar with a closed grip.
  3. Your palm should face inwards due to the curl position.
  4. The bench pad should be placed on your thigh touched to your chest.
  5. Move the weight up to your chest and slowly lower it down.
  6. You should feel the contraction in your biceps while lifting the dumbbell.
  7. Repeat the reps 5-6 times for each set. Do the preacher curl in proper form to assure maximum benefit.

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There are many advantages of doing preacher curl especially when you are focusing on increasing bicep size, strength, and mass. Constant hard work and consistency are required to pump up your biceps with the curls, let us see some major benefits of doing preacher curl regularly.

Bicep Isolation

Bicep Isolation Preacher Curl

It is difficult to cheat with preacher curl because of the momentum and weight concept. While doing it in proper form, your arms are safely placed on the pad while your hips are posted firmly on the seat. This makes tension stuck to the target muscles and overall becomes a muscle-building workout. But also preacher curls become a beginner-friendly workout to gym-goers. Moreover, it also states that preacher curl helps to build bigger biceps sooner as you can. 

Low Injury Risk

Preacher Curls: How to Do it and Achieve 3 Important Benefits

These works tempt you to lift less weight than higher weight because heavyweight can lead to injuring your muscles. You are only supposed to lift the weight up to your biceps handling capacity. Not only that, preacher curl will help you maintain good bone and connective tissue health on your biceps. Also, there is less exposure to pains and strains of muscles with this workout. In long term, there are chances to build more muscle over time.

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Extra Bicep Mass and Muscle Pump

Preacher Curls: How to Do it and Achieve 3 Important Benefits

This exercise has a reputation of being an alternate bicep workout than a muscle-builder. Well, this is true, but because of its isolation feature, it helps to build a good amount of mass in the biceps. More muscle fibers are broken down during the movement and hence it contributes to muscle growth. If you are temporarily taking iff tension from biceps still preacher curl will contribute to building muscle pumps irrespective of reps you do.

Recommended Reps

If you are about to plan 1-2 times to do then it is recommended to do 3-5 sets of reps. If you are a beginner it takes time to build muscle stimuli and your pumps won’t be visible unless you do 8-12 reps every day. To stimulate muscle hypertrophy even more reps are necessary but do not over-exhaust yourself. Plan your regime safely.

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