These days many gym goers and health nuts have full-time careers or are full-time parents. There’re going to be times when putting together a full meal is a challenge. When you are building muscle, you can’t miss a meal. That could be a difference in transforming your arms into tree trunks.

Still, if finding time to eat is a challenge, then you have many options to help your muscles grow. There’s a ton of smaller bites or snacks that are quick to make or put together.

If you are having trouble finding the right choices, then look no further. Here are several bites that will help you feed your muscles as well as eat way the bad fat.

Homemade Protein Peanut Butter Balls

This easy-to-make snack will instantly give your muscles the nutrition it needs to recoup and build muscle. The process is straightforward.

You need to mix two scoops of protein powder into a half cup of peanut butter with a cup of dry oat and quarter cup of dried cranberries. Don’t forget to add a little bit of water to moisten the ball before you roll into its form. Once the initial balls are in place, then you roll them into another coat of peanut butter.
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Beef Jerky and An Orange

This little snack is straightforward: dried beef and fruit. The point of the power snack is to be on the go and powerful to the body. The one thing for the jerky is make sure it’s low in sodium. To avoid those high-priced beef snacks in the supermarket, you should invest in a dehydrator. The key to the snack is pairing the jerky with an orange. The mixture of the fruit will provide ample vitamin C to help absorb the iron in the jerky.
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Mexican Tuna

Tuna is always a great source of protein, which helps build muscle mass. It’s also perfect for those on the run. This recipe will turn your canned tuna into a delectable snack and the nutrients you need for the day.

You just need the tuna then you are adding a quarter cup of salsa with a half cup of corn. Then finish with chopping mushrooms, pepper and carrots. The final ingredient is topping the tuna salad with chilli pepper. Those peppers will provide a metabolic boost.
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Canned Whole Salmon with Whole-Wheat Crackers

Again, you go for the canned food section for this snack. Don’t shy away because of the “canned” description. This is for those on the go and looking for a power punch. The canned salmon is riddled with protein and is a great source for fatty acids that will burn fats. The salmon itself is perfect for building muscles (look at The Rock, who eats around 10 pounds of salmon daily).

You just need to add a little bit of fat-free mayo and a handful of whole-wheat crackers for the good carbs.
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Any Type of Trail Mix

You could find trail mix anywhere and it provides a great source of polyunsaturated that aid in fat burning. This healthy snack is perfect for those on go in the city and will make you feel full longer. It’s also fairly low in bad carbs.

The trail mix varies in flavors from including nuts, fruits and some chocolate pieces. There’s loads of fiber, good fats and plenty of protein. Don’t get discouraged from the sweets factor because chocolate actually is good for you.
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Now the myth about cheese is the absorbent amount of fat. But in reality cheese is a perfect snack for you. There’s a boat-load of proteins and it’s extremely low in carbs.

There’s plenty of cheese options for those on the go such as the Sargento Snack Bites or the Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar Cheese snack packs. The ingestion of cheese also aids with bone health as it has a serious amount calcium. It’s like drinking milk without drinking milk.
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Protein Shake With Raw Oats

The traditional protein shake is always the safe bet when you’re in a hurry. Today there’s so many options these days from protein bars to protein cookies.

But if you want to maximize a healthier protein shake, then you just need to add raw oats and some tablespoons of flaxseeds. Finally you just add water and three nutrients will form like Voltron and the muscles will do the same once you drink.
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All Types of Nuts

It’s no mystery how great nuts are. That goes for ALL nuts. There’s so form of nutrient in all kinds of nuts. The most healthy is the almond. But don’t shy away from cashews, pecans, walnuts and peanuts. For one, nuts are a perfect way to gain protein. For the most part, nuts are also low in carbs.

The saturated fat content is high but that’s something you need to sacrifice when you are building those triceps. But like most food, the snacks may be tempting to eat in abundance.
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