The stress of travel has progressively subsided in recent years. Airports and airlines have redesigned its attention to making the passenger experience top-notch.

The travel accessories have followed suit and continuously upgraded to keep you organized when you are 3,000 miles away from home. The days of sitting on your suitcase to close it are LONG gone.

The only stress you have is choosing the traveling suitcase that best suits your budget and style.
If you are having trouble picking out the right one, then we have created a detailed list of the seven best suitcases you should own. There’s guaranteed satisfaction no matter which one you choose.

MVST Aluminum X Carbon

Rolling traveling suitcases typically feature polycarbonate shell that protects your belongings. This bag goes a step further. The entire suitcase is made out of an unbreakable aluminum-magnesium alloy shell.

The unmatched features don’t stop there. There aren’t zippers with this edition. Instead, the suitcase features twin clasp-equipped locks that act as the zippers — similar to lock mechanisms of the traditional business briefcase. The aluminum doesn’t stop with the shell.

The metal goes to the slow-release handles and on the corners of the luggage to provide additional protection. The colors — silver, gray, black and red — will pop out with the aluminum alloy shell. Add discount code ACTIVE for $50 off.
Image credit: [MVST]

InCase EO Travel Hardshell Roller

Think laptop bag meets a carry-on luggage and you get this beautiful piece of traveling artistry. The InCase EO has polycarbonate hardshell all around itself. The most eye-popping part of this suitcase is that there’s laptop sleeve that is covered with protection.

But you could unzip the top of the bag and detach it. This will allow you to pass your laptop through security without any hassles.
Image credit: [Bucket List Publications]

Samsonite Winfield 2

Many travel experts consider this edition the best on the market. That’s because you will rarely see the scratch or a dent on these puppies. Samsonite’s dedication to design and security has given this suitcase a step ahead of the competition.

Like many of Samsonite’s other accessories, the locking system on the Winfield is unbelievable. This version includes a permanent lock on the suitcases itself. You just need to close the zipper and insert the zipper pulls into the slots on the lock. Pretty easy and cool.

When you’re constantly traveling, the luggage will take a beating. It’s normal. It’s inevitable. And it’s the single reason the Winfield was created. The polycarbonate on the exterior of the suitcase is so impenetrable that it withstands significant bumps without breaking or cracking. Winning!
Image credit: [Groupon]

Away Travel — The Bigger Carry-On

This is almost like the James Bond of suitcases. There are numerous compartments on this smart luggage. The Away Bigger Carry-on has enough space to organize a week’s worth of clothes. And there’s also the integrated USB charger on the suitcase that has turned this carry-on into a star.

Since then, airline regulations have required passengers to detach the battery, and this model has obliged. The suitcase features an easily removable battery case.
Image credit: [Gear Culture]

Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Deluxe Voyager

The challenge with business traveling is making sure your suits aren’t wrinkled or ripped. The Silhouette Sphere 2 takes the anxiety out of ruining suits on 12-hour flights. The overall tech of the garment bag is on point.

It’s a carry-on. It has wheels. It makes sure everything inside stays in place. The overall appearance of the Silhouette Sphere remains gorgeous. It’s stain and water resistant with a soft exterior finish. Rather, the best feature of the Silhouette Sphere is when you open the bag.

You’re eyes will widen. The incredible organization and spaciousness of the interior are mind-boggling. You have individual slots for your suit coats, shirts, and shoes.
silhouette The days of wrinkled suits are gone.
Image credit: [YouTube]

Brookstone Dash

The expandable suitcase remains a durable choice among travelers but this selection is all about the style. You six colors to choose, from maroon to forest green to chartreuse.

The interior is large enough to fit a wardrobe for a week and you have ample space when are bringing back souvenirs. It’s also small enough for a carry-on, and it’s durable enough to sustain damage if you decided to check the luggage in.

Image credit: [Practical Travel Gear]

Samsonite Omni PC

Considering the price (it’s $230 for a set of 3), this suitcase set is probably the best buy you will have on the market. The suitcases are a marvel. For starters, they are lightweight, falling under many of the airlines carry-on and weight restrictions.

The Omni PC luggages have even more features than you expect. There is a huge interior pock that’s half the size of the entire suitcase, enabling you to pack tinier items.

The Omni is also expandable so you fit more than just clothes when you are traveling overseas. Lastly, the suitcase has a super durable security lock. Samsonite prides itself on it is security and makes sure you feel safe when you are traveling.
Image credit: [Samsonite]

See, the selection of a proper suitcase could be a challenge. You may want them all. But the secret in picking out the traveling suitcase that fits you is recognizing your travel needs. Some people pack light and others go overboard. Once you figure out your needs and patterns, then the suitcase will find you.

Image credit: Israel Sundseth [Unsplash]

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