Spider curls are an effective workout to build muscular arms and biceps. It is also a rare workout performed in the gym and not much popular. Spider curls are an underrated exercise but it is very popular when it comes to building bulked biceps and upper body. Spider curls target muscular points from different angles and this is a unique way of focusing different areas of your muscles. You should include this exercise in your training program to attain maximum benefits.

In spider curls movement, two-section of biceps are targeted individually, that is bicep long head and bicep short head. However, this workout ensures a higher range of motion makes sure that muscles of the biceps are in tension for a longer time. Since it is an isolation-based exercise it triggers your torso and helps you achieve muscle growth in your upper body. Some people use them as warm-up workouts before doing deadlifts, dumbbell press. Let us see more relevant information about how to do spider curls and see how much useful this workout will be for us. 

How to do Spider Curls with Proper Form

Master Spider Curls and Attain 3 Important Benefits
  1. Choose an ideal weight that suits your body and will help you to carry out this workout effectively.
  2. Adjust the bench to around a 45-degree angle.
  3. Lie down on the bench and your chest should be touching it.
  4. With a slight bend on your knees, your legs should be stretched straight on the bench.
  5. Grab the dumbbells with both hands with palms curled and facing towards your face.
  6. Maintain a stilled arm. Start bringing weights by squeezing your biceps until your lower arm reaches your upper arm.
  7. The dumbbells should reach your shoulder level.
  8. Slowly lower your arms to the starting position.
  9. Do this entire curls for 5- reps.

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Spider Curls Variations

Barbell Spider Curls

Barbell Spider Curls

The position will be again the same as that you do for the dumbbell version. Except here the barbell helps to overload with heavyweights. Dumbbells focus on strength imbalance. But with the barbell, it is slightly tough. So before proceeding to do it master the dumbbell version and then jump on to barbell with medium weight.

EZ Bar Spider Curls

EZ Bar Spider Curls

Different tye of bars helps to target muscles perfectly and specific points. Activation of the biceps will happen more if you do with the EZ bar. Also, it targets multijoint and helps to overcome with wrists problem.

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Common Mistakes

Lack of Contraction

Focusing on the correct tempo is the key to achieving muscle contraction. Because of excessive momentum during spider curls, there are chances of skipping muscle contraction. It is very essential to progressively proceed for overloads otherwise, you will not be able to focus on creating muscle stimuli. People often jump directly for heavyweights which is the most common mistake done on every kind of workout.

Range of Motion

During spider curl, your body might not be in proper technical form. You are allowed to be in the full range of motion. However, some people do not fully extend and bring the weights as down as possible. Avoiding to do a full range of motion will lead to lesser benefits and lesser contraction. Moreover, there will be lesser stimulation and movement. So to avoid these problems, it is necessary to stretch down the weights as much as possible before you take the weight backward.

Less Variation

Changing equipment during spider curls will provide you with certain kinds of benefits. Variation will help you achieve the correct tempo and target specific angles of muscles. So do not skip the variations in the training program.


Master Spider Curls and Attain 3 Important Benefits
  1. Spider curls focus on elbow flexor muscles which are an important part of your biceps.
  2. The workout often helps to increase time under tension as compared to other exercises.
  3. Since it is an isolated workout, it does not allow other muscles to lift the weights. So individual muscles are worked to bulk up your biceps.

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