Sometimes it is difficult to find a nice balance between sporty and stylish. The sporty, athletic look is a style that keeps coming back. While the trend itself may never go out of style, the looks that are popular at any given time will.

Baggy basketball shorts, tracksuits, and oversized logos are all sporty trends that come and go. And when they’re out of style, wearing them will leave you looking anything but fashionable.

If you want to master that polished, trendy, straight-from-the-gym look, you need to master the latest athleisure trends. Ready to create a sporty and stylish look that will stand out in 2021? Keep reading for a few tips.

Skip Your Old College Tees

While nothing is quite as comfortable as your favorite old t-shirt, it isn’t necessarily the most fashionable choice. Unless it’s an authentic vintage band tee, it’s best to wear these items at home when you want to be comfortable, rather than out and about when you want to be stylish.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a t-shirt, sweatshirt or other comfortable attire, but it’s best to opt for newer renditions. Whether you keep it classic with solid colors or try out trendy new patterns and styles, investing in new athleisure styles will help keep your look stylish rather than looking like something you threw on in a rush.

3 Tips for Creating a Sporty, Yet Stylish Look

Opt for Sneakers That are Fashionable and Functional

Stylish sneakers prioritizing fashion over function are having a big moment. But while there’s nothing wrong with fashionable kicks, if you want to master the sporty style, it’s best to choose the real thing instead.

Sneakers designed for running or working out can be just as fashionable as those trendy styles, but are something you can easily take from the gym to an evening out on the town. Plus, your feet will thank you for the added comfort and support.

One sneaker style that’s perfect for working out or walking a mall is the Nike Air VaporMax. Available in a variety of trendy colors and styles, yet designed to give you a light, supportive fit great for pounding the pavement, this sneaker is the perfect all-around pick.

Get the Right Fit

Oversized, baggy clothing is a style all its own, but when it comes to sporty looks, don’t confuse “comfortable” with oversized. For a sporty look that’s still polished and stylish, opt for items with a close fit. Your clothing doesn’t need to be skin-tight, but t-shirts, joggers and sweatshirts in a fitted, modern cut will help you avoid looking frumpy. 

Many of us reach for clothes that are a bit too big when we aren’t feeling confident in our own skin. But clothing that sags or hangs from your frame can actually wind up making you look heavier than you really are. A close, but not too tight fit will help slim you and give you that polished, yet relaxed look you want.

Tips for Looking Sporty and Stylish

Sporty and stylish can go hand in hand, but only if you make the right choices when building your look. To create a look that’s polished, yet athletic, skip your old college t-shirts and oversized sweats. Instead, pick styles that fit you well, match the latest trends or have a classic look, and items that are both fashionable and functional.

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