Summer is a season of several distractions, making staying focused very difficult. When the heat isn’t clouding your thoughts, the air-conditioning’s whir distracts you from your work. Then there’s the FOMO that accompanies working while you know there are people out there splashing on the beach or enjoying a cool cocktail on a patio. And let’s not even start on “post-vacation fog” – that awkward transition from weeklong leisure to a back-in-the-grind lifestyle.

Still, things need to get finished, even in the summer. For many, work picks up in the summer, as companies thaw from their first-quarter, post-winter slumps. Deadlines come up fast and furious. Social schedules fill with engagements. It can all get a bit overwhelming.

Luckily, you have options for staying focused this summer. Follow these four tips to keep your mind sharp and engaged.

Mind Your Temperature to Help with Staying Focused

According to research in Scientific American, temperature has a marked effect on concentration. The reason behind this phenomenon is simple: Your brain is an organ. Like other organs, your brain relies on glucose production to keep itself on track. When the temperature rises, your body uses its glucose stores to maintain a healthy temperature, thus robbing your brain of the necessary energy source.

3 Tips for Staying Focused This Summer

Luckily, the solution here is simple. If possible, find a cool place to get your work done. If you work from home, spring for an air-conditioning unit – it will pay dividends in terms of productivity. If you work at an office or workplace without AC, kindly present your boss with the facts about heat and concentration. They should be amenable – after all, productivity is their bottom line.

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Pounce on Productivity with Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

With a name like “lion’s mane,” you would expect these small but mighty mushrooms to turn you into an apex predator. But the benefits of lion’s mane mushrooms have more to do with focus than feline strength and agility. (If you were wondering, they are called “lion’s mane” because the wispy white fungus looks a proud mane of hair).

Throughout history, lion’s mane mushrooms have earned a reputation as a cognitive superstar. Recently, studies have shown that they may help activate and clear the brain, leading to improved cognitive performance. To stay focused this summer, mix a packet of lion’s mane powder into your morning coffee or smoothie.

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Bask in the Sun for Brain-Boosting Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an all-around juggernaut of a vitamin. It helps with healthy bones, aids in regulating sleep schedules, and can even improve your mood (especially for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder). But it has yet another ace up its sleeve: It can also help you focus.

While several vitamin D supplements exist on the market, one of the greatest “sources” of vitamin D is right in front of your eyes. Natural sunlight doesn’t give your body vitamin D, per se. Instead, it facilitates your body’s production of the vitamin. To put it simply: spending some time outdoors, whether on a morning walk or lunchtime park jaunt, can help you focus throughout the day.

July and August might be one long series of distractions, but with these straightforward tips, you can keep your brain as clear as a brisk summer breeze.

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