Stefi Cohen can be termed as the human form of perfection. Her power and strength are unmatched, and her skills excel in all the departments. She was born in Venezuela in 1993 but later moved to America. She has dual nationality and proudly owns her lineage.

This multi-talented woman is a powerlifter, a soccer player, a physiotherapist, and an exercise physiologist. With all of these tags to her name, there are actually many more in her list of accomplishments. She is mind-blowingly strong, more than most other women.

Stefi has won 25 power-lifting championships and got 25 titles to her name. Very few women have this level of training and strength.

Is Stefi Cohen A Real-Life Doctor?

Even though Stefi was not very fond of education after high school and wanted to focus on sports and training, she still was very bright and intelligent. Stefi indeed is a Doctor. She holds the titles of exercise physiologist and doctor of physical therapy. Her academic achievements are just as impressive as her professional achievements.

Stefi developed a strong obsession with becoming a doctor because she wanted to excel in weight-lifting and power-lifting and often faced problems with physical health. She started gaining knowledge and developed a huge interest in the field.

More About Stefi Cohen

There is so much more to Stefi Cohen than one can imagine. She is an all-rounder and over-achiever in true essence. She excels in whatever fields she starts to explore. Stefi also has a lifestyle blog, a podcast, and a YouTube channel. She has conquered all social media fronts and has developed quite a fan base.

Is Stefi Cohen A Real-Life Doctor? What’s Her Stance on Roids?

Her podcast is a great way to learn new and interesting things for upcoming women’s weight-lifters. She discusses the issues related to this extreme sport and presents solutions as well. She’s a captivating speaker and does the job quite beautifully.

Her YouTube channel is more of a casual outlet to give people an insight into her day-to-day life. Stefi has become quite a sensation on social media platforms in very little time.

Stefi on Roids

Every sportsperson is faced with this dreadful question in their life, and when it is an extreme sport like weight-lifting and power-lifting, people’s doubts become stronger. Stefi Cohen is also asked his stance on Steroids time and time again, by journalists, interviewers, and her fans too. She has always denied any such allegation to her name. She states she is clean and has never used steroids in her professional career.

There is a general belief in everyone’s mind that Stefi Cohen does use steroids and all the plumpness and inhumane power is its apparent result. People argue that a woman’s body is not made to do things she does. Although Stefi has very often denied any such rumors, still she is not able to clear the ambiguity regarding this serious allegation.


Whatever scandals and rumors there may be, it is a fact that Stefi has immense strength and she works very hard for it too. Stefi has a long list of achievements to her name and some of them are mind-boggling for an average person.

Stefi has acclaimed a gold medal in Florida senior state and Illinois senior state. She is also has a total of 11 Guinness World Records including deadlifting, bench, and squats which is quite impressive, to say the least. She also has a total of 25 world records in various weight categories and weight-lifting techniques. Stefi Cohen has achieved the status of celebrity as she connects quite well with the public.

Is Stefi Cohen A Real-Life Doctor? What’s Her Stance on Roids?

Stefi Cohen’s Routine

As apparent from her official Instagram page, Stefi’s workout’s regularly and the workout consists of pretty high-intensity training. She loves doing cardio as a warm-up which is a great way to start some workout. Apart from training and lifting, Stefi has also started her brand named ‘Hybrid Performance Method’ which is going quite well at the moment.

She dishes out priceless pieces of advice and suggestions on her social media outlets regularly for her followers. She is friendly and very responsive on her social platforms.

Diet and Intake

A very important factor in every sportsman’s professional life is the caloric intake and nutritional plan. Good body and other-worldly fitness are due to a very high protein, high carb, and low-fat diet.

She drinks a lot of water daily to keep her mind healthy internally as well. She knows the importance of a good diet and takes it quite seriously.


Stefi Cohen is a master of all trades in true meaning. She is doing quite well and smashing world records regularly. People love Stefi due to her warm personality and ability to resonate with so many people at the same time.

An Instagram star, a YouTube sensation, and a superwoman in her career, Stefi Cohen indeed proved that women can be strong physically and intellectually.

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