Martins Licis is your fitness guru if you want to get in the place of the World’s Strongest Man! Not only does Licis have a rigorous fitness regimen, but his diet plan is not ordinary either.

Licis’ training is not like the usual heavy lifters you might have seen picking heavy weights for muscle building; rather, he focuses more on core strength and endurance.

As to his diet, being at 150 kg, it is definitely not the regular diet you and I consume. Muscle power requires nutrients and minerals which constantly nourish it, not only for the time being but for the long run as well. This is exactly what Martins Licis focuses on.

However, before we jump into his extreme diet and fitness routine, let’s help you get to know him better so you can find out if he actually built himself or is it more of a family thing?

Who is Martin Licis ?

Born on September 28th, 1990, Licis is an American Latvian. He represents the USA in weight lifting competitions worldwide and has also won several titles. The journey to becoming the World’s Strongest Man started about two decades ago when he visited his grandfather’s farm.

 His grandfather competed in the Olympic weightlifting so we can say that weightlifting runs in his family. He started with stone lifting and then he decided to make a career in fitness. He moved to California and found a job as a personal trainer.

He was placed first in the Odd Haugen All-American Strength Classic in 2015 and in 2016, 2017 and 2018 he made it to the finals of World’s Strongest Man.

In 2019 he finally made it to the first position for the World’s Strongest Man and that’s exactly how we know him today! Hard work and consistency really worked for him and he was able to achieve his target.

Licis Diet and Fitness Regimen Will Leave You In Awe

The world’s strongest man does have a diet and fitness regimen which will surely put you in awe! However, before blindly following his regimen, do remember that strength somehow runs in his genes and that’s why you should consult a professional before doing it yourself!

His Training and Diet Regimen

Atlas Stone Lifts

This includes squatting and grabbing stone from the bottom. Then lifting to the thighs and sitting back and rolling it up your chest while standing. Set of 3 of 3.

Heavy Farmer’s Walk

Using a proper farmer’s handles, load up heavy. Next, standup and set the shoulder joint. 3 set of 20m is the target.

Pick up Something

Licis abides by one rule. Every day he picks up something heavy, takes it somewhere a little far off, and then puts it down. This really helps him work on his strength and endurance. It is one of his daily routine exercises he swears by.

Fasting Once a week

Quiet recently, Licis has started fasting once a week to slim down while building and maintain his strength. Fasting not only helped him feel healthier, but also more energized.

Don’t Fear Rest

Yes, Licis’s fitness routine might be insane but he strongly recommends rest. For instance, during the first workout, he usually performs 8 deadlift reps with 706pounds and then he rests for five minutes. Recovery is very important!

Big Compound Movements

The big compound movements include:

  • Pause Romanian Deadlifts
  • Snatch Grip Barbell Deadlifts

These are one of his core exercise regimen without which his insane workouts are incomplete.

Two Key Nutrition Points


Licis consumes at least 1 gram of per pound of his body weight! Protein is very helpful in building muscle mass and strengthening the muscles. In short his high consumption of protein has a major role to pray when it comes to his massive strength.


Calories are a very important part of an individual’s diet. The average person requires about 3000 calories in a day. However, Martins Licis has a different requirement. He eats 7,000 calories in a day! But this isn’t very surprising due to the intense workout regimen he follows, he requires more energy than an average individual.


Martin’s Licis is the World’s Strongest Man, but that was not an easy feat. It took a combination of hard work and consistency. Deadweight lifting requires you to have a healthy mind and body so that you can focus well and achieve your goals. Licis is someone who achieved his dream while staying consistent.

Though his workout and diet seem doable, it is not for everyone. In case you are thinking of following his regimen, be sure to consult a professional. A personal trainer can guide you better according to your body type and dietary habits. If you are low on motivation, you can always find your inspiration in Martins Licis!

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