Alright Active Men, it’s time to get real and focus on our significant others – or SO’s – for a minute. As a good boyfriend or husband, it’s your job to think about different ways that you can make your SO happy. Sure, that might mean cleaning up your fair share of the dishes and taking the kids to soccer practice, but it can also mean investing real time, thought, and cash into romantic gestures, too. 

Not sure what gestures are best for expressing your love and care? Don’t worry. We’ve got a list of 3 solid options that will make your special someone swoon. Let’s take a look. 

Arrange a fancy romantic delivery

If you’re looking for something sweet, simple, and surprising, it’s hard to go wrong with a romantic delivery straight to your special someone’s doorstep. Everyone loves getting stuff in the mail; even the UPS guy dropping off the bag of cat food you ordered can feel like a mini-Christmas morning. 

Well, it’s time to make it even more special. Not sure what to deliver to your amour? Here are some awesome options that we think they’ll love:

  • Flower delivery: A fresh, bountiful, beautiful bouquet or flower arrangements are sure to please. It’s just a dating and romance classic – but with the twist of a surprise delivery. 
  • Edible bouquet: Is your SO one hungry guy or gal? Send them a delectable and delicious assortment of tasty treats instead of flowers. Unless they like to eat flowers for some reason!
  • Delicious dinner: Nobody wants to get home after a long day at work and stand in front of a hot stove making dinner. Take the load off your SO by sending them a delicious dinner with a convenient meal delivery service. 

Looking for something a little more hands-on? We’ve got you covered.

Plan a special surprise date night

Date night is something a lot of couples do to keep things fresh and interesting. And while this time-honored tradition might be fun in its own way, it definitely doesn’t compare with the fun and spontaneity of a surprise date night. 

Here’s how you can pull it off:

  1. Secretly make sure that your SO has an evening free – maybe suggest a night in with a movie just to be sure they keep the calendar clear. 
  2. Then, plan a fun and romantic evening. Something like dinner at a fancy restaurant, an evening seeing a locally produced play, a crazy cool concert, or a local poetry reading all make excellent options. 
  3. On the night of the special date, reveal to your SO what you’ve been planning all along! They’ll be so overwhelmed with joy they might just fall head over heels for you all over again. 

Nights like these can be a great way to keep relationships fun even after years of dating. But, if you’re looking for something a little more next-level, we’ve got an option you’re sure to be into. 

3 Awesome Gestures Your SO Will Love

Organize a vacation getaway

Everyone loves a vacation – time spent away from work can help you destress, rebalance your emotions, and gain critical perspective on your life and your goals and ambitions. Why not treat your SO to an amazing all-inclusive vacation package? This will show them you truly care. 

Here are a few amazing getaway ideas (this one is harder to pull off as surprise, so it’s probably best to plan with your SO):

  • Ski trip to Colorado: Take in the breathtaking sights, sounds, and smells of Aspen with a wintertime vacation at a local ski lodge. 
  • Alaskan cruise: Pack your bags and set sail on a long and relaxing trip up the west coast from San Diego to Anchorage and back. 
  • Mexican getaway: Leave the US behind and head down to gorgeous Cabo San Lucas for a thrilling and rejuvenating week by the ocean. 
  • New York City adventure: Take a bite of the Big Apple and spend a week touring the streets of New York – take in a Broadway show, visit the Statue of Liberty, and have a picnic in Central Park.

Finding the ideal gesture to show your love can be a challenge for some people. But, with creative thinking, you’re sure to find that ideal show of affection that your SO will remember for years to come. 

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