Myths about dieting are everywhere. There are things that will work for you and things that won’t. As a prospective dieter, you have to understand your body, and you sometimes have to look outside the box. The thing with diets is that it’s about science, and once you study thoroughly, you will realize that the “bad” foods must never be completely cut from your life.

As a novice gym-goer and health nut, you must understand that the inclusion of certain junk foods is actually good for you. There are a number of sugary and carb-filled items that will help you gain muscle and lose weight depending on the time you put it in your body — namely after you work out. The following food items will change your perspective and debunk those common dieting myths.

Ice Cream

Believe or not, bodybuilders often recommend you eat sugars within two hours after you finish at the gym, and ice cream is the suggested snack for its dairy ingredients. The sugars in ice cream actually help promote muscle growth and keep proteins from breaking down because of the presence of insulin. So stock up on those tubs of Ben and Jerry’s right now.

Chocolate Milk

This popular dairy drink is a perfect mix of carbs and protein that will rejuvenate your muscle tissues and get them ready for the next day’s workout. Studies done by WebMD showed that chocolate milk is actually the best replacement for sports drinks – and an even better recovery drink. The milk itself naturally contains about 20 percent whey protein and 80 percent casein protein, which is slow to digest but extracts a steady stream of amino acids to your muscles. Meanwhile, the sugars provide proper nutrients to replenish the muscles.

Bagel with Jelly

It may seem crazy for low-carb enthusiasts to embrace this: bagels are a great source of replenishment for your muscles. The dense carbs actually refuel your body and the jelly is a natural source of sugar the will send nutrients to broke down areas of your body. If you are hesitant about eating heavy carbs, then you should go for the spelt (ancient grains) and multigrain options.


Again, the consumption of carbs may seem like a dangerous thing to do when you’re trying to drop weight. But absorption of food changes when you are working out. The best time to eat your carbs, such as waffles, is within a half hour of working out. This window will allow your body to absorb the glucose and restore lost glycogen. “Exercise changes the dynamic of the absorption of food,” New York City-based nutritionist Robert Silverman told Shape Magazine. Pre-, during, and post-exercise nutrition is a key component of performance and recovery.” The sugars contained in the waffles and the syrup also give the vitamins to your sore and wore out muscle regions.

Bacon and Pork Rinds

When you are engaged in the keto diet, the consumption of bacon and pork rinds is almost essential. Three pieces of bacon add up to 10 grams of protein and have no carbs. Meanwhile, a cup of pork rinds adds up to 20 grams of protein. A large amount of protein in bacon and pork rinds together will give your muscles the fuel needed after a two-hour workout. If you want to cut down the fat content, then go for the turkey bacon option.

Flavored Gelatin

A gelatin dessert option is actually a healthy option. Researchers have proven that gelatin has “a positive healing effect on the joints on athletes”. The gelatin also helps loosen stiff muscles that may occur after a workout.

Fast Food Restaurants

A recent study conducted by the [International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism](International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise …) revealed that fast-food has the same breakdown of nutrients as sports-supplements options – such as Clif Bars and all protein bars – in active males. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should be at McDonald’s every day but it does prove that your body’s glycogen resynthesis is capable of coming from these chain restaurants. That being said, you are allowed a trip to the fast food spots once in a while.
Timing is essential with dieting as well as understand the underlying ways the body works will give you the advantage when you conquer weight loss. Remember it’s all science.


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