With summer at our doorsteps, we need to focus more on looking cool by the pool! And for that, you need just the right pair of swim shorts. Swim shorts for men have never been of such a vast variety as it is today.

The patterns, colors, and styles have just outsmarted our imaginations and given us something to look amazingly fresh and chic in.

Swim shorts are a necessity by the pool. And another necessity is to always look in style;

we don’t want you to look like fools by the pool and neither, do you? That is why we’ve put together the top 7 in-style swim shorts for men.

The first and most bought and wanted are the Onia Calder Swim Trunks. Ever wish just to wear swim shorts that could pass as summer shorts all day long? This is it for you

then. These swim shorts are best to go with whatever you decide to wear because of the snap-front closure. Just don’t forget to empty out those pockets before diving into the water!

Not all of us could make it the elite beaches this summer cow could we? So why not bring the feel of those elite beaches? Back in the 50’s, a photographer known as Slim Aarons captured some breath-taking photographs of the posh poolsides of the Palm Beach. Orlebar Brown loved his pictures so much that he decided to patch them on to

his Orlebar Brown Mid-Length Printed Swim Shorts. With these trunks, we’re
sure to get the feel of the luxurious beach.

Even though the newer swim shorts for men are coming out every day; a classic is a classic. The Saturdays NYC Ennis Board Shorts are a simple two-toned gray and white swim shorts that can go with any colored tank top or you could just go with a monochromatic look.

You’d look one cool guy by the pool with your bright colored swim shorts. The Sundek Lightning Print Swim Trunks is one bright orange pair of trunks. The electric bolts printed on it have the ‘go bold’ feeling. Pair them up with a hot pair of sunglasses, and you got the winner for Coolest Guy of this summer!

Swim shorts for men are designed not only for comfort but the look too. There’s no need to fear short shorts. If your height doesn’t satisfy you, then the ASOS Turquoise Seersucker Stripe Swim Shorts are just right for you. The short size makes your height look taller. You’re going to get the Rock Hudson vibes for the seersuckers!

Coolness needs to be accompanied with sophistication. The Michael Kors Palm-
Print Board Shorts
are the epitome of elegance and coolness together. The subtle abstract palm print on these shorts is more like cocktail at midnight;

These swim shorts give the meaning to sophistication, masculinity and stylish.

Maybe you’re not interested in what’s in and what’s not. Maybe you’re just interested in getting a comfortable pair of swim shorts for yourself that look decent. In that case, the Hurley Phantom Motion Stripe is the shorts for you. Its long length is perfect for taller guys who do not want to show too much skin and still be active.

With these swim shorts, you are bound to look cool by the pool or totally in style this summer. Get the swim shorts that suit you best! You’d b turning heads, once you walk to that poolside!

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