High quality and most affordable don’t always go together. To get one, you must sacrifice the other. But that is not always the case. We all have a knack for brands; wearing the best has its perks.

Since its popularity, white canvas sneakers are a must.

They work all around the year in every season and look good with every single outfit.

Literally! If you need white canvas sneakers, then you need to make sure they are good quality shoes and not that expensive either. Now that’s a pickle.

All that aside, we did a little research and found you the top quality shoes with affordable prices.

Vans White True Slip on

Vans is one of the trusted brands. These classic slip-on’s are good for people who are giving the ‘all-white’ sneakers the first chance. At a price of $45, you won’t worry too much about scuffing them up.

Native Jefferson White shoes

Worry about dirtying your white canvas sneakers? Well, these natives are made out of rubber which means these are easily washable. The plus point is the perforations all around the feet that allow your feet to breathe. At $47, they are pretty much affordable and good quality shoes.

Vans Perforated Leather Slip-on’s

These perforated leather slip-on allow you to wear your favorite Vans just a bit dressed up. The perforated leather allows your feet to breath and gives the shoe a fancy look as well. At just $60, you can wear these with a tailored navy suit to a wedding and might just steal the groom’s spotlight.

Converse Chuck Taylor Monochrome Hi-Tops

These pair of classics would look awesome with a dark pair of jeans at just $60. They took the all-white theme to the extreme.

Puma G. Vilas L2 Sneakers

These men’s canvas sneakers are named after a legendary tennis player Guillermo Villas. At $65 you get two things in one. These sneakers are an intersection between athletic and lifestyle. In short, play a tennis game in these shoes and then head straight for lunch.

Converse Jack Purcell Classic Sneakers

The classic! These men’s canvas sneakers are what we mean when we say ‘wear
anything’; These shoes will never go out of style and with a price of $65, can be worn with anything at all.

Superga Line Sneakers

You can trust the quality of this shoe because of its long history. Superga is an Italian shoemaker has been making quality footwear since the 1900’s. These sneakers are durable because of the vulcanized rubber soles. At $73, these are incredibly sturdy and durable!

Toms Leather Paseos

These white canvas sneakers are a bit dressier than the other sneakers. That is why they can go perfectly with anything. Whether it’s a formal suit or casual jeans or shorts; at $74 they’d make you look perfect. And since they’re TOMS, purchasing them will make you feel good, since each purchase helps a child in need.

In a range of $60 to $80, you can get the most top quality white canvas sneakers which also seem to be affordable enough. And as you know, White canvases are a must, so you need better decide on getting yourself the best pair!

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